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Cannas: CANNA ? ( Continued ) # 11

This is where we came from :
So Let's step up & Show and Tell .
Winter is just around the corner .
So do we bring them in or leave them out ?

Thumbnail by ginger749
Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

I leave them out.....but this year was gonna probably try a couple inside the GH and hopefully get a winter bloom or two

how did your cannas and elephant ears do after your snow?

Ours was not snow but two straight days of frost .
Nothing Died , But the Palms will take a long time to shed brown leaves .
I have a Pic some where , I'll go look see .

Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

here's a cute little colocasia-'silver fallax'

woops, it's 'yellow splash'.....tired

.....yawn....think this is it...night

Thumbnail by Tropicanna

Not a pretty sight .

Thumbnail by ginger749
Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

had to wait and see.....but couldn't someone just shimmy up there and cut the leaves off?


It's golden cane .
No shimmy up this delicate palm .

These cute Roos wanted to help me set up my Tent .
I think they only wanted to see what I had to eat . :o)

Thumbnail by ginger749

This cute little Gurl would not take NO for an Answer .

Thumbnail by ginger749

This was at 6am the next morning .
Stanthorpe is the coldest place in Queensland .
You can see the frost on their backs . Bruuuuuhhh !!!!

Thumbnail by ginger749

I think this Big Gurl had her eye on my bed .
Sorry Hopperoo , I don't share . lol

Thumbnail by ginger749
Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

That's funny, no winter camping for me thanks, hate cold. Going to some peak for a girlfriends birthday in early October

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Great Photos,
maybe she was hoping to share some of your hot coffee and breakfast.

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

I get to leave mine out,But I do bring in some of the Dwarfs in to the GH for winter blooms.

Cute little unknown

Thumbnail by georgiagarden3
Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

I had to fight the hummingbird for this shot this morning,He won!

Thumbnail by georgiagarden3
Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Angel pink is so enjoying the cooler temps.

Thumbnail by georgiagarden3
Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Cleo. decided she would show alittle red.....She is such a showboat.LOL

Thumbnail by georgiagarden3
Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

Hi, georgiagarden, thanks so much for sharing your canna pictures, thy really are lovely. I'm not as on top of deadheading them as I should be, so not many blooms now.

You have some really nice ones

may I ask if you were lurking for awhile before you posted? ...I'm started to let on that I'm

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

Who me lurk! never. Busted...............I have followed this thread for some time now
I believe it was I making you a little jumpy,but I have never been one to make folks paranoid.................that Must be another lurker, For I am harmless(said the spider to the fly).............

Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

lol.....I imagine sometimes we are like watching a trainwreck...but you probably aren't the only one lurker...between ginger's cool pictures and upbeat sense of humor, my continuous string of innuendos, vadap's struck by the same illness, pepper giving Kell a hard time, Red posting pictures of her kids....and she's pretty funny too, and Lhasa stopping in with cool pics every now and's one of the more colorful threads on DG. safe, laid back, I guess

now I feel like I need to watch what I say more carefully

so tell us about yourself?

Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

Now, see actually, when I think about it, you probably have some funny observations and opinions about this motley crrew and I wanna hear

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

I doubt that I am the only lurker. to give credit where credit is due,Ya'll sure run a good thread.When a "lurker" feels like they can just drop in from the Middle of S.W. Georgia and feel right at home you must be doing something right.

Hmm! I quess I had better introduce us before I go much further,Hmm thats a hard one to answer,I feel that I am the one giving you the chills but I am certain it was DH who was making you paranoid.(lol only kidding dear) he ONLY reads he NEVER posts if he has a questions he waits till I post. Hes the muscle behind my madness,and the digger of my holes.And he designed our GH garden(with my help)we garden year around,when old man winter kicks in we just move in the greenhouse,complete with pond.

This message was edited Sep 18, 2007 9:38 AM

Thumbnail by georgiagarden3
Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

WOW! with the bed! How romantic and hot is that? Love it! Wish I could fit a bed in my greenhouse...purrr.....hmmm...must figure out a way...I love that

so yeah, really, dying to hear your observations, surely you have some

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

And you can't forget the mood lighting,the hanging baskets also have those small nite-light bulbs at the top and the pond has 2 colored floating lights,all that and a waterfall to ease you into paradise.

I will only comment that all of you make a great group of friends,Ok one of you is a little creepy with the critters(LOl)and one of you strike me as well theres just no other way to say this so... Nuts(but in a good way)and I have even seen a calm sorta reassureing poster that kinda keep ya"ll in-line..LOL now that I have effectively gotten myself in trouble.I will say no more of my observations........................

Thumbnail by georgiagarden3
Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

georgia, beautiful pond, I am jealous of your set-up

So you're saying Kell is too into animals and I'm the one who's nuts? lol, thanks a lot georgia, and these are the people who are if you could just define "in a good way" there's still time to save face here :)

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

I think I will slowly retreat toward the door,and claim a mental defect that makes me read things in a backwards sense,Because we all know that NO-ONE is nuts.
Hmm I wonder where the ringleader is? I could really use that door now......LOL

Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

you can't hurt my feelings, georgia...might do me some good to have feedback on how to tame it down a bit....

I was just thinking "alright, great, I scared off the lurker, now it's time to go out and figure out which size extension I need in my greenhouse to move my bedroom in there"

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

I can highly recommend greenhouse sleeping,maybe not in the dead of Summer and Winter ,but Fall and Spring make great.........sleeping weather.....

Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

nice way to duck and know I'm nuts, just wanted to know how you knew

oohh, georgia, was that a hint of innuendo I detected? lol...I checked out my GH, it's new, so no chance of an extension anytime soon, but I suppose if I ever felt like it I could always take my sleeping bag out there. Durn futon won't fit

Hi yall .
And a big Hello to Georgia .
Glad you could drop by .
So far none of your Pics are showing up on my Puter .
I probably need to refresh a couple of times .

Aurora, CO(Zone 5b)

Oh georgia, love that greenhouse!!! And your canna pics! Trop, we need your wild side. That is what keeps the rest of us from becoming to straightlaced and square! And I'll claim the nuts, as my pshrink will second that note.
Kell, are roos nocturnal at all. That would stink, having them trying to get into bed with you all night. If you camp in the mountains around here, your nights will always be cold. First time I came to Colorado, brother drove me up Mt Evans(highest paved road in N America, 2nd highest peak in US- I think), and it was snowing halfway up, in the middle of July!

No Paul , Not nocturnal .
As you can see in all 3 Pics .
They are out in the middle of the day trying to get a free feed .
When ever and whever they can .
Because of their weight , when they Hop around at night it can sound very loud .

There are other reasons for nocturnality as well, such as keeping out of the heat of the day. This is especially true in deserts, where many animals' nocturnal behavior prevents it from losing precious water during the hot, dry daytime

Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

Kell, it seems like roos are kind of like squirrels or raccoons here.

Thanks Paul, for phrasing "wild side" in a positive way, sure would hate for you guys to square up at all.

I am curious who this is: "I have even seen a calm sorta reassureing poster that kinda keep ya"ll in-line..LOL"---gotta be Red, pepper, or Tammie

This was morning # 2 .
Mum has bought young son in for some ppl lessons .
I can just hear her saying .
" See ! They don't Bight "

Thumbnail by ginger749
Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

That's so cute Kell!

How many days were you out there?

Now I'm fixated on who is keeping us in they don't come around quite often enough

Can't find enough food growing on the ground ,
But Mum always has back up Milk . :o)

Thumbnail by ginger749
Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

They're so funny, all tall and how they stare at your camera.....I think they're cute but squirrels and raccoons are fine, thanks

The Pic of my tent was At Base camp .
3 nights I slept out amongst the Wilderness .
It's too far to come back each night .
Only down side is carrying 23 kilos of gear .
Spare Camera , Food , Water , Bedding etc .

Clemmons, NC(Zone 7b)

No kidding...yeah I like camping and hiking, but I think you're more hardcore than I'll ever be...once I haul my stuff that's where I'm staying. Taking DD to camp for my friend's birthday first weekend in October. Supposed to be the biggest peak in VA? NC has the tallest peak on the east coast, so it will be not as high as Mt. Mitchell, but still nice.

never can get those conversions right, I wish we had just learned metric, it's too confusing and I feel like I'm too old now to learn anything new

23kilos = 50.6 pounds .
Check out this web site .
Just type in either pounds or kilos and it will automaticly convert it for you .
Now how easy is that ???
Aint the Internet grand ?

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