Frozen drive cable on Troybilt tiller.... HELP!

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

I have a small Troybuilt tiller. The drive cable is frozen ~ probably humidity. Should have kept it lubed but didn't.

I have been dosing it with Kroil penetrating oil on both ends of the cable. No change yet.

Does anyone have any experience with breaking one of these free? Do I just replace it? Am I in the wrong forum?

TIA ~ pod

Missouri City, TX

It would probably be quicker to replace the cable. Just remember to lube it and cover the tiller to prevent the rain from washing all oil or graphite out and rusting it tight again.

I have removed and soaked such cables in WD40 for a few days. After the soaking treatment - some rags and a pair of pliers will allow you to get it working (or break it). It usually works, but the amount of rust that is released shows how much damage has been done to the metal. A couple broke soon after re-installing. Now, I tend to replace first - and store such tools in the garage. Humidity can still rust them, but not nearly so much damage.

Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks much for the response. I had about decided that was the way out. I can then take the old cable and if I loosen it, I will have a backup. Appreciate you... pod

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