Semi Hydroponics Demonstration

Providence, RI

Thanks for the generous info on s/h. Sounds pretty intense. I haven't had issues with root rot (yet... knock on wood). My apartment is pretty sunny.. depending on the weather, I can water many of my plants once a day even... I would like to try the s/h method at least on one plant to see if it works for me.

Do you recommend it only for plants with caudices (like in the pic) or for all plants? It would seem that plants with caudices have a tap root system making it easier to separate the soil from the root system (unlike more delicate root systems of plants like Af. Violets, etc). What do you think?

Attached: a pic of my Crassula happily sun-bathing :)

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Yardley, PA

Actually, I have 8 African Violets in s/h that just love it. I always had a problem growing those and now it is a breeze. They also bloom very easily and do not have to be pot bound.
I have tons of succulents in s/h and my lithops and pseudolithops also love it.

South, TX

Hey Sally! My husband and I just potted up some orchids and one violet today. I will do more violets soon.
I got everything at First Rays. He was helpful on the phone. I talked to you on the violet forum.

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

Is there any differrence between Primagra and hydroton?
Has anyone tried Euphorbias? I love them but kill most of them, I think from overwatering.

Decatur, GA

I have some euphorbias in s/h and they seem to be doing well.
Euphorbias don't like much if any water from Nov. to mid-March. They will take a lot in the summer if they are in the sun and growing.
Good luck.

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

Thanks. Do you grow them in full sun?
I did manage to save a few this last winter. I didn't water them at all.

Yardley, PA

I have a lot of Euphorbias in s/h and they have done very well. I do not put any of my Euphorbias in full sun. Hi Sallysblooms, good luck with the s/h.

Venice, CA(Zone 10a)

Do caudexes (caudices?) get large when grown in s/h like they do when they are grown in soil? I'm talking about the ones that expand beneath the soil level and then get raised when they are re-potted.

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

Is there any difference between PrimeAgra and hydroton? IOW, is hydroton just as suitable for s/h?

Yardley, PA

Yes, the caudex will get large in the s/h. Some of my plants have grown much more quickly in the s/h. I use the PrimeAgra and have never used the hydroton. You can go to Firstrays site and there is a forum. I believe that is discussed there.

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

Thanks. I will do that. I have already checked out his website.

Marin, CA(Zone 9b)

I took cuttings from my Christmas cactus and a rhipsalis. Could I root them in these clay balls?

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Decatur, GA

Give this a bump to see if any semi-hydroponics growers are still around.

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