CLOSED: Need Confirmation on ID Please

Marlton, NJ

I saw this little bird when I uploaded the pics to my computer and immediately thought this is not a House Finch- its a Purple Finch.

Notice the ear coverlets that are so prominent on this one as they are on Puple Finch and the spotted red/purple chest and stomach. He seems more rounded in shape than the House Finch (which the Purple Finch would be).

I wish I could have gotten a shot of the tail but I wasn't thinking this might be anything new.

Unfortunately they were in deep shade or I might have been able to expose their color more.

I'll post 1 more pic.

I know this might be a tough one but what do you think? Thank You!

Thumbnail by pelletory
Marlton, NJ


Thumbnail by pelletory
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Sorry, I can't make it anything other than House Finch - the bill with the curved upper mandible, the white greater coverts wingbar, and the strong dark streaks on the flanks are both HF characters, not found on male PF.


Marlton, NJ

Okay Thanks Resin; always worth a shot,right? :-)

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)



That's a purple finch. I have a bunch and they will sit at a feeder and empty it. you can have all of mine-------beth

Marlton, NJ

LOL, No thanks Beth; I'm overrun here with House Finch as it is.

Thanks for the offer though! :-)

Milwaukee, WI

It's definitely a House Finch. Note the dark stripes on the belly and sides. The Purple finch lacks these. Plus the face pattern is classic HF.

Rowlett, TX(Zone 8a)

Definitely a House Finch (though a very lovely one). The defining characteristic for me is the brown horseshoe-shaped coloration on his head. Sadly Purple Finches are losing their territory to House Finches and are in serious decline. I've never had one at my feeders and have only ever seen one in all my years of birdwatching. Pelletory, look for a bird that looks like he's been dipped in raspberry jam, a very deep and rich red. With no brown on top of the head.


Marlton, NJ

Hi! Yes I've been reading about the decline of the Purple Finch (in the east) thanks to the House Finch.
The HF are very aggressive and I don't like having so many in my yard, they make it a very unpleasant place to visit for other small birds. :-(

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