Dwarf lemon tree help

Memphis, TN

I bought this at wal-mart about 2 yrs ago. It is suppose to be a inside tree. I kept it inside until this summer. It was not growing much inside. I have it in about a 10 gal. pot(to big to keep picking up) was moving it out in the day and back in. I decided too put it out for the duration of the summer, and it it growing like crazy(has went from approx. 1' to 3' ) What should I do for the winter? should I plant this in the ground or leave in the pot? TIA, Cara

Silver Springs, NV(Zone 6b)

What's your zone, and winter temp/frost? Citrus does not like being under fifty degrees F.

Maybe you could get or make one of those flat squares with wheels underneath. Sometimes exercise equipment/kids' toys, either round or square, like this turn up at thrift stores and garage sales, usually $1 or $2. Would this help with transporting it, perhaps with some sort of temporary makeshift ramp for porch stairs?

Memphis, TN

I'm in Z 7 it gets in the and it get colder than 50. Thank you for the help, guess I will (not me but DH or DS) be moving this tree back and fourth.

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