desert roses

I am interested in propogating desert roses (adenium ?); the information I've found reflects two opinions: cuttings are the only way to go and seeds are the only way to go. If the former, what part of the plant? Start in water or dirt or other medium? If the latter, where can I obtain seeds? Must the plants be cross-pollinated?

If either way, how long does it take to develop an established plant? What kind of pruning do these plants require? Can they be divided if there is more than one knob (and what is the proper name for that) at the dirt line?

Should, and if so, when and with what, these plants be fertilized? The ones I have so far seem perfectly content with nothing more than much appreciation, the amount of rain they receive, the sunshine, and nothing else, but I suspect at some point they'll want more.

I've become fascinated by the plant, but to date haven't had too much luck finding information. They seem to like the north central Florida sun.

If you know any relevant publications, I'd appreciate learning of those as well.


Biloxi, MS(Zone 8b)

I have a desert rose but I bought mine from the Mobile Flea Market. If you go to Google type in Adenium... there are a ton of site to check out.

Good Luck

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