Need nelp in a hurry

Elyria, OH

I am a woman on a mission...
I need to find several varieties of dwarf trees...
no bigger than 7-8 feet without much pruning.
Some will have sun/partial shade, some will have full
sun. I have seen several varieties of weeping dwarf
cherry and weeping dwarf willows, has anyone had
problems/concerns with these varities ?
ANY AND ALL Help will be most gratefully appreciated

Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Hi Smiles2 welcome to DG. On the subject of small trees. My parents have a small Medler Tree in their garden, which is about 26 years old and no more than 9ft. It's a lovely dome shape. It bares fruit in the autumn, which can be harvested and made into jelly/jam. At the beginning of the year i noticed masses of tiny seedlings underneath the tree. Decided to try my luck and put two into pots. Now I have one tiny tree about 1.5ft tall which i'm bonsaing, (it's really cute) and the other i'm growing as an espalier. It's the type of tree which seems to like pruning, so it may be a good candidate.

Scotia, CA(Zone 9b)

These sites lists a lot of dwarf trees.The second one lists dwarf fruit trees in addition to others.

Hope it helps.

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Elyria, OH

Thanks daisy_chain and zanymuse, appreciate any and all help. The web site was fantastic z, offered more than I could have ever hoped for. I didnt know pines came in so many dwarf the mission is to find them at a nursery near me :-)

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