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CLOSED: Flat Shiny Bugs on Outside of House and in Basement

Delanson, NY


I've noticed over the past few weeks these small, flat black bugs (seem to be a little shiny when hitting them with a light) that are all over the outside of the house and garage. I assume it's just the time of year. However, this evening I was cleaning the basement and come to find out that these same bugs are all over the basement. It seems they are coming in through small (can't even see them) cracks between the foundation and the house (where it connects, not sure what to call it). It's very nasty. I've been unable to find out what these things are by doing a search on the web. I can't get a picture of them as they are to small. Anyone have any idea what these are and if it's something that will go away in a few weeks or that I need to worry about?


Delanson, NY

OK, now I'm finding a few upstairs as well. Must be that I'm looking for them now.

Any ideas?!?!?

West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Well, if they aren't carpenter ants or termites, they're nothing I would "worry" about, really... my favorite weapon against indoor critters is a shop vac.
We need more to go on besides small and black - how small, etc...

Delanson, NY

Yeah, they definitely aren't ants or termites. It seems they showed up when the weather got colder and it started raining a lot.

It's tough to really give more. They are thin, black, shiny, have antenna...

Oh well, I will just call the local pest control person and ask him tomorrow as I'm sure this is an area thing and not just me, since they appeared so suddenly. He may be able to tell me what they are.

Delanson, NY

Pest Control wasn't really sure and I'm not going to pay them to come look. Their first thought was Box Elder bugs but these are smaller than that and aren't anything like a beetle.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Wish I could be less vague on what they look like.

West Pottsgrove, PA(Zone 6b)

Try clicking on the critter that looks the most like your bug on the left, and from there you can click on different 'taxa', (order, family, genus, etc.) to navigate towards an ID

Delanson, NY

None of those pics looks like it. I've seen pictures of silverfish and they are similar in shape, but much smaller and don't crawl very fast. Not sure if that helps.

Delanson, NY

They seem to be active at night as I just went into my basement and was hard pressed to even find one of them. My gut tells me they come inside the house at night where it's warm and when day comes they go back outside. I guess it's possible they are hiding out in the basement, but I really saw only 2 in a good inspection just now. Last night I saw hundreds.

Delanson, NY

I think I've figured out why they came into the house. These bugs seem to come out right at dusk (when I see them on the siding of the house and garage). I was in the basement at this time with the lights on cleaning it and I think they saw the light through small cracks (that I may not even see) and came towards it. Last night I saw a few on the floor of the basement but there weren't any in the areas where they seemed to be entering the basement. So hopefully the ones that are in there will die in a few days and the others won't come back as long as leave the light off until the season for them is over. I did buy some caulk last night so I'll be sealing a few areas where I know they came in (from the outside) just to help prevent insects coming in (as well as air going out to help save electricity in the winter).

If I ever find out what they are, I'll let you know, but at this point the difference between last night and the night before was 100 times better.

Ripon, WI(Zone 4a)

If they are really tiny, could they be Springtails?

Delanson, NY

Thank you for this link. I had thought it might be Springtails but the pics I saw didn't look it. After looking at the page I'm 100% sure that's what these are.

It also says they thrive in moist soil and mulch. So it makes sense they all of a sudden appeared over the past few weeks with all the rain we've had. I also have a mulch pile lying about 10 feet from the side of the house I noticed them on the most, so my bet is they are living there. I'll be working on getting rid of that mulch pile tonight.

Thanks again,

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