For Karma Happy Toes!

(Zone 6a)

Lynn, my toes are happy too! Many, many months ago you shared some of your brugmansia cuttings with me. I rooted them in water and root booster, and they took off like crazy! I then carefully potted them in pots (due to Oklahoma's rather extreme winters, I wanted to take them in the greenhouse for the winter) and set them in dappled shade. They grew nicely.........then the 100+ degree weather hit and lasted for a month. I watered them daily, fed them faithfully, and they continued to put on new leaves. There were days when they got droopy, but always perked up with a drink of water and a little go juice.

I've been lurking here, reading about everyone's blooms.....and sighing. Ah, no blooms UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!! We were doing the evening stroll thing in the gardens, and what did we see???? The Orange Juter (sp?) has not one, not two, but SIX pods about to open! My toes are doing the happy dance!!!!! And blooming just in time for our water garden club meeting next week! WooHoo!!!!! OK, can you tell I'm excited! I wanted to share this with you, and thank you again for your generosity. I will pass your kindness along to other gardeners in our area, since no one has even heard of a brugmansia, let alone grown one! I think since she is the first one to bloom, I will call her Karma OJ. I know it sounds silly, but I name my plants after their benefactors so I will always remember who shared them with me.

Ok, enough to sit and admire the Karma plant by flashlight!

Becky G.

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8b)

Bilbo - as in Baggins? Love it. Isn't it such a treat when gifts arrive after the gifts?

Ottawa, ON(Zone 4a)

Liz, is there another Bilbo? ;o) Becky/Bilbo is happy down to her furry toes... Neatly brushed, of course.

(Zone 6a)

Yes, Bilbo as in the Bilbo of soon to be movie fame. Can't wait till it comes out. I was sorely disappointed in the cartoon version of Lord of the Rings, but this one may be better.

Bilbo has been Bilbo for as long as we've been married. I started reading Tolkien when I was fourteen, and have read the Hobbit and the Trilogy every year (my winter reading) since then................many, many years! ;)

And yes, my toes do look rather furry tonight! Probably from doing the happy dance in the gardens! Thank goodness for brown nail polish!!!!! :)

Becky G.

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