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Salem, AR

i just bought a home in AR and am looking into tractors (25 acres-12pasture,10 woods aprox.). all the saleman want to talk how theirs is best (i understand that) but which is really. retired on tight budget want reliability, inexpensive, versatile dependable 20-40hp. pasture is not good, dont want woods gone, need tractor or quad. tooo mannnny horses as well. help....

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Hey i m getting a new tractor too, but not this yr maybe next . My DH and my FIL are tractor gurus lol :) they use to sell heavy equipment and farmming equipment too.
My Dh likes Kabota, but that is a Cadillac for tractors , a girl can dream right ?
He also likes the John Deer 3000 Twenty series Compact TRactors
Med chassis, 29.5- 44 hp
automatic and gear transmissions it comes in.
it is a good tractor for loading, mowing, tilling and can get a snow plow disc attachment
it is a good size for what you need
I have 40 acres 30 are woods and 10 are tillable land that we are going to farm.
They also like the Ford tractors
Have you looked at used equipment or a Auction ? we have alot of those around where i live .
We also have a Artic Cat quad , i love that thing !! enough horse power to tow and snow plow. These are top of the line quads i wish i new which ones had the most problems , i have to talk to DH and get back at cha.
Hope it helps
any time you want to talk tractors let me know :)

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

We have a Ford 445A() which we use for hauling cordwood, plowing the driveway, hay mowing, baling and brushcutting. We've had this one for over 10 years only had to do regular maintence on. Also we picked up a 34 horse Kubota Backhoe that we are using to clean up the fields to make it easier to hay(lots of rocks!!) Also we are clearing more land and instead of paying someone else for stump removal, we can do it ourselves. The backhoe attachment can come off and we plan to do some of the haying chores with this one. Both are diesel(cheaper to run and the engines last alot longer than gas). With fuel prices the way they are I would suggest not buying more HP than you need!
Have fun shopping around!

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Congrats on your new home!

If you will be building a lot of fences, an auger might be a good investment. We built a 35 x 40 (??) dog pen with a rented power "hand auger" - took us about 45 minutes to dig a hole and set a post in concrete -- and much sweat and many curses. My DH and DS put up over a thousand feet of fence last summer with each post taking about 5 minutes to dig and 10 minutes to set - and much, much less physical work. Also, it was invaluable for planting trees.

I use the front loader bucket for everything - it's the great equalizer - I can do just about anything the boys can do with my pretty blue tractor - even if I might be slower. I've move trees, several 50 lbs bags of dirt/compost/soil amendments at one time, filled the loader with water to "bucket water" baby trees (before we ran irrigation to them), etc. You will LOVE your tractor, whatever brand you get.

I also use the heck out of my ATV. My DH's ATV is set up for "playing in the mud" -- but mine is a work horse. Has a little trailer for hauling, a 14 gal water tank for watering trees that are still off of the irrigation routes, a rack on the front and back to bungie tie many things on. It's also good for a quick trip down the dirt road to visit neighbors or pick up the mail from the mailbox on the paved road. Neighbor uses hers to haul hay bales.

I know they are pricey, but if you can afford to get both, I would get both.

Congrats again!

Norwood, MO(Zone 6a)

I would start by "looking"... there are several online sites.. compare prices. When you have an idea what somethings are worth then start shopping around more. You should be able to find a used tractor that will be reliable. There are a couple of folks on ebay that sell tractors and are reputable. I cant remember his last name, but he is in St Joseph, Mo .. and his first name is Mike... He is not hard to find... you can find him on ebay...

Auction houses are not usually the best place to buy, you will spend more there as a general rule and not know the condition of the tractor. Drive before you buy.

Also, you can help yourself to making great pastures by applying lime, fertilizer, and getting rid of everything but the grass.... we use 2,4D Amine or Low V Ester from a sprayer. A small one works just as well, just takes longer to apply. We use a 25 gallon sprayer with a wand... Our first sprayer was a 5 gallon. It worked... Check with your county extension office to get the right amounts to use.

Good Luck, Starr

Waddy, KY

First off, don't think new. Especially on a tight budget. There are lots of really good older tractors out there. We're still using our AC WD and WD 45 and with the exception of running the roll baler they can do everything that we want. In all liklihood a 30-40 HP tractor will suit your needs very adequately.

Make friends with your farmer neighbors. Ask them what tractor models they had that they DIDN'T like. By all means stay away from those. If you go to sales go perhaps the day before and take someone with you that knows tractors. You don't need someone elses problems.

You can always rent a skid loader to grade a little ground or scrape off a few bushes. A flat bed wagon or a small trailer with your tractor can get a lot done without having to have an ATV. We get by very well without one.

As for your pasture, get a soil test. Get that right and you'll go a long way towards establishing a good grass or legume pasture. You can always no till some clover into the grass after you get a good stand.


none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

good to know KYdaylilylady
those are some good ways to go
good idea on the clover cover crop
if i remember right TatsuO got a Artic Cat iwth some attachments . I rememeber im telling me.
Wish i could some of them attachments. sounds cool
Ours is in storge :(

Sue, RI(Zone 6a)

I agree with buying used. That's how we got our haying equipment. There would be no way we could afford new. We found ours when talking to someone in line at our local bakery(all the ol' timers hang out there instead of Dunkin Donuts!) anyhow, we struck up a conversion with the gentleman in front us and he knew someone who knew someone...after driving around and meeting 4 different people and getting tours of farms, we found a baler and tedder for $900! So not only did we get a good deal we met alot of nice people that weekend!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

I love the country lucky you saanasnsandy great deal and great people you meet too.
i too love a good deal . I would rather find a bargain then go buy a new one. But sometimes i can't find it in time .
Great advice here

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