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Crystal River, FL

I have two plants in my garden one is a lantana the other is a butterfly bush(buddleia) these two plants look very similar I was wondering if they are in the same plant family or completly different also is there away to fivide the lantana.

Richland, MI(Zone 5b)

Hi, Klauer!
Best suggestion is to go check the plant files here, on DG. It helped me a lot lately.
I don't have these flowers, however I looked them up for you in my encyclopedia, and this is what I found (brief version) that can help you differentiate:
-loganiaceae family.
-usually fragrant
-propagate by seed in spring, semi-ripe cuttings in summer, or hardwood cuttings in fall.
-many buddleias have flower panicles that resemble the lilac flowers, rich and elongated.
-verbenaceae family
-somehow smaller flowers than buddleia (judging from the few pics there)
-propagate by seed in spring, or semiripe cuttings with bottom heat in summer.
From the pictures in the book, there is one Buddleia (covilei) that looks a lot like a lantana (camara) to me, and I'm talking about the panicle shape (kind of globular) and the leaf shape, however the colors are different, and I cannot say for sure that the dimensions are similar.
Hope it helps, at least for you to try and multiply your plant.
Alex the goofybulb

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