Need advice for best lawn grass in Karachi - Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

I am quite new at gardening and have been looking for a lush-green and soft grass for my lawn - haven't been successful so far. Hope you can help. Also which zone would Karachi be in?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

There are a few other people around here from Pakistan but I'm not sure if they visit this forum or not. Can you give us a little more information on your climate? Like typical summer high temperatures, typical winter low temperatures, how much rain do you get (and is it only in certain seasons, or do you get rain all year round, etc)? That'll help us guess what zone you might be in as well as figure out what sort of grass might work well. I don't have a lawn, but if you can give us some info on your climate hopefully there's someone around from a similar climate who can advise you on grass.

Pinellas, FL

On the internet, thier temperature ranges from the lower 50s in winter to over 105 in the summer... 10 inches of rain a year, mainly during mansoon season

your zone is 11

i don't know alot about grass but i think it would take alot of effort to grow it

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I agree, hot temperatures in summer and so little rain during the year sounds like a bad place to try and grow grass. If you do try to grow grass there, you're either going to spend a fortune watering it, or it'll die if you run into water restrictions. Have you considered other options? Over here they have made a lot of advances in fake grass, some of the fake grass looks very real now, not at all like the old style "Astro-turf" sort of thing. I'm not sure how widely available it would be outside of the US though. You could also make garden beds with drought tolerant plants and just have stone paths or something between them. Or you could do what I did and used crushed gravel for my "lawn" instead of grass.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

I don't even think "grass" is native to ideal England, where we got our ideal of the green lawn. It's very hard to maintain anywhere, as far as I know. In the states, people are starting to move away from green high maintenance high carbon-footprint lawns and toward native plants, or other easy maintenance low impact solutions. (I hope.)

Karachi, Pakistan

Thank you so much for your suggestions.
I think redzone911 has given a pretty good picture of our climate which is mostly warm with May and June being the hottest months. During the monsoon season, it's very hot and humid. The coolest months are January and February while March is quite pleasant.
Also, I haven't heard of any fake grass being used here in lawns.

Actually we do have grass planted in our lawn - I think it's dhaka grass - I'll try to post a photo soon. And it's watered regularly so that's not a problem, though the sun is really strong here. The problem is that it's not very thick/dense - the growth is sparse - and it's not bouncy.


Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Do other people you know in your area have lawns you like?

Karachi, Pakistan

Yes - I've seen such lawns but I don't know any of the people or which grass variety it is. Karachi is a seaside city so we don't have very extreme weather conditions.

(Zone 7a)

Could you maybe go talk to some of these people? Ask them what they use and how they care for it.

Milton, MA(Zone 6a)

Start with a compliment - "I've always admired your lawn! How do you do it?"

xx, C

Karachi, Pakistan

Thanks for your tips - will definitely try them if I get the opportunity :)
I'm posting a couple of pics of my lawn - they are not very clear but they will give you an idea of what it looks like.
Also I have planted a few ixora, some of them are doing ok but two seem to be dying out - the leaves are turning brown and they look totally unhealthy. Maybe you have a few ideas to help resolve this.

Thumbnail by Munash
Karachi, Pakistan

Another close-up of the grass - there are these brown patches and the grass is not growing densely. Any suggestions?

Thumbnail by Munash
(Zone 7a)

Do you know what kind of grass it is? That might help us help you. Fertilizer is a good way to start. Something with nitrogen will help green it up. Deep watering is important too, but that's probaly hard to do with water rationing.

Can we see a pic of your other plantings?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

My thought given the appearance of the grass and your description of what's happening to your Ixora is that nothing is getting enough water. Can you tell us a little more about how you're watering, fertilizing, etc? That might help us figure out what you should do different.

Karachi, Pakistan

The grass we have is locally called dhaka grass. It is watered early morning, daily, using a hose pipe - it's a small lawn and over here sprinklers are not used widely. We did apply fertilizer after planting it. Could it be that it's not planted closely enough? And if that's the case, how do you think it can be improved?

Also, when is the right time to mow the lawn ? I was wondering maybe if the grass is overgrown and then mown, some patches which were overshadowed earlier by the surrounding grass may now be visible as brown - is this true?

I'll also try to post a few pics of my other plantings soon.

Greenwood, IN(Zone 5b)

I HAVE been to Karachi and the climate is similar to what you might see in Phoenix or Las Vegas....dry, very hot, and very intense sun for the most part. Texas is not quite as hot, but grasses like Bermuda do well in hot, sunny climates. Or, Buffalo grass? Maybe you could try some of that? Maybe some of the posters from the desert southwest could contribute their suggestions? Weather underground says avg highs in the hottest part of the year are in the low to mid-90's, yet it is/will be around 100 every day this week according to their forecast. I remember I got about the worst sunburn of my life there.

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Jefferson, GA(Zone 7b)

would bermuda not work there? I know we have it in the south and it seems to take alot of heat, stress and drought. plus you can't seem to kill it if you try and it spreads to fill in damaged spots on it's own. I don't know much about grass and mine seems to be a pain but it does seem to have it's good points.
also, I was watching something on tv the other day and it says bermuda originated in Africa. I would guess if it could take the weather there, it could take it anywhere.

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karachi, Pakistan

Assalam o Alaikum Munash,
I found your query while searching and i am also from karachi so i decided to post.The grass you currently have is locally called dhaka grass. I have searched quite a lot over the internet for this type but didn't find a match although it has similarities to burmuda grass.About being dense this grass doesn't go that dense as you want ,it only works good in full day sun and for a longer mowed length(but still not dense enough).You should move to other grass type which you would find in any local nursery ,named as "american grass or english grass" although the actual name is "korean zoysia grass" but unfortunately people don't know it here(in islamabad i found people calling it korean grass but no one in karachi).I first had local dhaka grass but i switched to zoysia and its way better than dhaka .It just growed like a carpet and is growing good in shady areas as well .It is normaly termed as slow growing but in my lawn it filled faster then dhaka.In last you shouldn't water daily.Water only when needed and deeply.For the local grass watering once a week in enough.If you plan to switch to zoysia tell and i'll give you much info.

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Rawalpindi, Pakistan(Zone 9a)

Ok, as this query about Dhakka grass has started to appear on Google search so let me put down it's name. Dhakka, khabbal and American grass are all varieties of Cynodon
dactylon or Bermuda grass. While Khabbal is wrongly used for it but true Khabbal grass is different.

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