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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Good Morning all you colorful lovers of coleus! It's quite chilly here today and I swear I am going to try my best not to whine about it. LOL I think I swore I wouldn't back when we had 100* temps.

We came from here

Rambunctious Red from Baker's Acres via Sidney!

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Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Traci, last night we only had pea sized hail and also last Friday. We've had hail for the past few years but April 2004 was a monster. (Also 2005) In 2004 DH decided to drain the pool to clean it as the cover had blown away (I think it's somewhere in Kansas now) so this is what happened on 4-21-04.

Thumbnail by Brinda
Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

This is a bad pic, but you can see the damage a bit better. I wasn't at home when it hit, I was about 70 miles west of here. But I was on the phone with my neighbor across the street and I couldn't even hear him for all the noise the hail was making. You just can't imagine the damage. And the storm in 2004 must have lasted a good 20 minutes. It was soooo ugly!

Needless to say, our roof was a total loss. And again when we got hail in 2005 it was a total loss too. We had so many fly-by-night roofers in our area for about two years. The majority of people got new roofs two years in a row!

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Pearl River, LA

Good morning everyone... It is raining here and as I used to tell the kids it is a good day for ducks. I used to tell them no school today and keep them home... we would have a home school day. Review and catch up on everything and then enjoy ourselves... boy I miss those days. Sid just wanted to tell you that the Alabama sunset is on its way to the school nursery... our guy said he would be delighted to make the baby plants and keep them there until spring. There will be lots of babies for him to sale and us to plant... yeah.. We are going to take cuttings from some of the other types and take them to him already in flats... yeah. Sandy is anxious to remove and plant fall stuff and I am begging to hang on to all the beauties until the frost takes them.. what can I say I love the garden now... It still looks wonderful... the coleu is three feet or more tall and the trumpets are trumpeting and the cannas and lantana are awesome. Here is some pics from yesterday...... For you Brin I will not collage ... I hope you do not get bored. shirleyt

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Pearl River, LA

Alice that one was for you... can you still dance....I could send you this big old tree and still have tooooo many around here. God planted these in the trash garden. It is wonderful....what a good job he did.

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Pearl River, LA

I will go to the area where I am posting my pics for more ok....

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Shirley, Sweet Shirley! I just love your Alabama Sunset. Your's looks so much more vibrant than mine ever has! And I love your collages too....but I always want to see a little more upclose.

What a great idea you all had about sending your plants to the school nursery. I think that is great and I even tried it. I called the hort dept at the high school and left three messages. All of them saying that I had tons of plants and would love to share if they would like cuttings. Guess What? The idiots never called me back......hurmph!

Someone really needs to give me a big kick-start today. It's a rainy cold day here and I'm having a very difficult time getting motivated. What I would really like to do is curl up on the couch with a good book. Wish I could!

Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

Been out and working, moving all the containers in side. Had five brugs in 18 gal containers that were hard to move.
I have run out of any room to overwinter every thing.

Stockholm, Sweden

Hi all,
I'm in a terrible hurry making layout for the next year's photo calendar (at work), so I'll talk to you all at once:

Brinda, ohhhhh - if you had called ME about give-away cuttings - I promise I had called you back in a nano-second!!!!! LOL!

Shirley, Thanks for the nice photo! Oh yes I still dance, I'll never stop as long as there are coleus in the world and I'm able to see them.

Traci: You always makes me smile, but the hail photo was baaaad. So sorry for the poor wall. Is it repaired by now?

Janet: that dragonfly sculpture is so beautiful, I love the mix of metal and glass (?) pearls.

TARogers: I hope the mealy bugs on your lovely trailer are dead and gone by now. I too hate these white monsters and fight them constantly.

Sidney: Thanks for showing photos of the new overhang to your house. You are so handy! Are any cuttings going eastwards soon? LOL

Joyce: you're so silent???? I hope you're busy writing a new coleus article!

Cathy: the cuttings are still doing great! I look at them every day. Thanks!

To all others: Hello! hello!

Pearl River, LA

Brin this is the one that went to the nursery. The other one is still for the moment in place around the tree. lol we will see who wins the battle of the coleus... we have the viola just waiting for that spot when I feel I can give them to do what to do... This one was in full sun... the other has only morning sun. Too much hot sun makes them fade but they bounce right back with bright colors after a few cloudy days. That makes me think that keeping them out of the hot noon day sun would be the way to get good bright color. Where were yours Brin.

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Newport News, VA(Zone 11)

Hi I'm still alive.

School is getting tough and at my age with my memory slowing getting holey, I have to knuckle down or else I'll fall behind. I'm taking three writing classes ( what was I thinking?) and its keeping me very very busy, plus Dave's articles, and carpenters redoing my shed which was supposed to take a week and its now in the third week????? and my beloved cat dissappeared....People say they do that as he is indoors and out but he never did it before so I dont know what to think......and on and on . So I have been trying to stay sane and losing the battle but all will be well when this semester is over......

TA-- I like the pole you are using for your hanging baskets. Good idea! Where can I get one?

sidney-- I need you here to oversee these guys that have torn everything up and are taking their sweet time! I know you'd know how they are supposed to do this job.

shirley--- I like that yellow "what god planted". What is it? Goldenrod? Your alabama sunset is perfect and should go in the coleus hall of fame.

alice- thanks for the wonderful comments on my article page. Your a real friend! I will have to beg off on the story for a while but you can add anything you like....have fun with it!

Brinda- its hard to imagine your beautiful pool looked like that. Good thing you were not at home and that is now behind you. We dont get hail thank god..I wouldnt know what to do with ice cubes in my coleus.

Janet -- you are so talented. I went food shopping which involves running around to different places catching sales and I didnt see the syrup but I will keep looking, somebody has got to have some around here somewhere.

See yall afterwhile........

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Hey there ms speedy Happy!!!

Birmingham, AL(Zone 7b)

Wow, just felt like I was reading the scroller on Fox News. Drive by updates.

Brinda - I would deny the claim. I don't see any hail damage. Looks to me like a cat had a good time in your pool. It is 74 degrees here right now. :^P

La - Still on my mind, dear. D-mail me to let me know what is going on.

Shriley - I don't believe we have met yet. I am Traci. If we have and I forgot, blame Brinda, for she sent me MORE COLEUS. I hate not having a camera. Love the Alabama Sunset and proud of its name. WARRR EEEGLE!

Dr. TA - bubbler still going, but they are about to be potted or chunked (haven't decided which) as I got 6 full grown brugs and about 30 cuttings. They are going to take the experiments' place for a while. I think all experiments are rotten, but knowing me, they will go in pots.

Alice - You are a dancer? I loooove to dance. Studied for 14 years. To bad I am only 5'3" or I would be on stage (at least I like to think so). I sing and dance for coleus all the time. I have songs for certain ones. Maybe I need to prepare the sheet music. What calander?

Jada - good to see you. Sorry you lost your mind and picked three writing courses. Are you sure you can't write for Blue Coleus too? lol. When I was in construction, the homeowner always asked how long it would take. Two Weeks was always my answer but never the result. It came from the movie The Money Pit, but apparently no one saw it and didn't have a sense of humor about it. I only did it a couple of times and then realized my jokes are not necessarily funny to others. If they aren't done by the end of this week, let me know. I LOOOVE talking to other contractors. Especially if the bill starts to go up. Please don't regain sanity as I did not know you then. I like the insane Jada. Maybe your cat is scared of the carpenters. I do hope you see it soon!

Happy - Honk

Sugar - You got mail.

I have worked in the yard all day. 4 of the hours were spent tilling beds. The rest was fine tuning beds by getting out rock with small 3 prong thingy which was the worst part about it. I do believe I will invest in a good set of work gloves. I have many blisters which did not have time to form blister bubble. Ow!!!

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Good Tuesday Morning to all....

Wow....BRRR....I'm too cheap to turn on my heat. LOL My Sweet Mommy never turned her heat on til about December. And I keep telling my family that we're going to do the same. LOL when DH got home yesterday he wore his clothes and a coat around the house til he went to bed. Our temps stayed in the 40's yesterday but it rained all day so that seems to make it worse. And today isn't much better. I wonder if my Mom will make it til December this year? LOL She called a bit ago and said she was still in bed trying to keep warm. That just makes me laugh a bit.....she's so tight she squeaks. LOL

Hey Sweet Hap! Beep right back at 'cha! It's great to see you posting even though it's just a short beep. I think of you often and hope all is well with you. You're missed around here for sure!

Oh Shirley, that last pic you posted of Alabama Sunset is just glorious! I sooooo love that coleus but I just don't have enough shade here for it to be so pretty. I keep telling DH he needs to build me some shade. Maybe next year. I really want a pergola of some sort.

Joyce, slow down and take a rest. You sound way too busy to me! You are also missed and thought of often.

Ha Traci....a cat in that pool? The first thing the adjuster said was "Did you have it drained when the hail storm hit?" Can you even imagine asking that kind of question after seeing it? I just laughed at him. Hmmmm

Sidney? What's going on with SS & disability? I do hope things are rocking along your way. I know after last week and your victory with the zoning thing that they must be. Now, get out there and plant something. LOL

Alice, I'm so sorry! I was in such a tizz trying to get stuff out of here before the weather hit. And it's a good thing too....I had a bit of frost on my windshield this morning.

Who did I miss? Where is our sweet daiseycat? Lala? Patty? Mary? Pati? (I know you're lurking) And Pheadra! Where are you? You've been too quiet.

Ted? Is it cold at your house? Are you swimming in coleus cuttings? LOL

OK....I've put off working for most of the week and I gotta get myself busy. I just went in the kitchen and turned on the oven and opened the door. LOL Maybe that will help warm this place up a bit.

I'm off to work....wish me luck as I've really needed a swift kick in the behind this past week. See ya....

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

Wow Shirley that redish Coleus is awesome.

Brinda my BIL sold his place in Weatherford but now just manages it. its called Lucille's Road House and its on Route 66.

I doubt Bill even knows he has a SIL as My DH is the oldest and was 1st marriage of his father. Haven't see BIL since his and Dhs father died in 2006.


Stockholm, Sweden

I love to dance. But you see, I'm a free-step dancer, that means that I invent my own steps while I dance - I'm too free-spirited and crazy to follow traditional dances. I have to do it my own way. You and I should get together one day and make some maniac coleus dances and songs. Good idea. Maybe next time I come over to US!

Calendar: as I told you I'm a graphical designer. Every year I make - amongst lots of other stuff - a calendar with photos from the photo database we have created at my job. This calendar is a give-away to old and new customers (people who buy our photos). I work at the National Board of Cultural Heritage. You can see our photo database here:

Since it's not in english (yet) the easiest way for you to search will be using dates, like f.inst. 2001-05-30 which is the same as 30th May 2001 or write the word "byggnader" (=houses). Most of the photos are from appr. 1990 up untill now, but there are lots of elder photos too. If you know places in Sweden you can search for them, try f.inst. Stockholm, Gotland or Uppsala. There are by now 66000 photos taken by photographers at my work. You'll see a lot of photos of churches (=kirker), landscapes (landskap), houses (byggnader), runestones (runstenar) and rock carvings (hällristningar) amongst lots of other stuff. By the way, see some plants, search for "linné"

Have "fun" while looking at old and new cultural heritage in Sweden!

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Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

Been a busy morning making labels and planting cuttings, thanks to Brinda. LOL
If they all survive the winter there are 100 of them.
Digging and potting things for the round up sunday.
Got to add some lights and a small heater in the shop for the Brugs.
Traci sorry about your set up. I modified mine and am about ready to try something.

Portland, TX(Zone 9a)


What type of heater do you use in your shop? I am planning on keeping cuttings and seedlings in our shop and was wondering what to use. Thanks.

Hello Brinda!!!!! I'm still here just lurking most of the time!!!!! Staying busy with school and church commitments. Yesterday late afternoon hubbie and I sat out on the patio and watched the wind whip my red first time blooming plumeria, trellis with purple allamanda vine, and my over 10 foot tall first time blooming pride of barbados back and forth. My purple porterweed is tilting over to the side that the wind was blowing. I have visions of going in the back yard today and seeing everything torn to pieces. Can't believe how strong the wind has been with the latest cold front.

Guess it's time to get busy and take some cuttings on the few coleus cultivars that I have kept alive since going back to school. We've pretty much been having temp's in the 70 to 90 range up until this point.

Hello to everyone!!!! Hope you're all doing fine!!!!!!

"the evil lurker"--way past my three lurk limit

Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

I use a safety heater. Oil filled so if it tips over there is no open flame or hot wires.

Birmingham, AL(Zone 7b)

TA, What is it? Have you finished? Where are the Pictures? Is it the same setup or different? Tell me, Tell me. PLEEEESE!!

Alice, I am a free styler too. Usually there is a song in my head and I just go. Drove my brother nuts when we were growing up. Before we finally got shades on the house we live in now, There is no telling how many people saw me dancing around the house, as I forget there are others around me. I think Tilt a Whirl and Purple haze would make great dances. Come soon!!

I love BRUGS. They got dashed with the rain yesterday, but three more are about to bloom. I know they were excited to get some rain. They will probably have to go in next week. TA, what is a good temp to take them in? It is going to be in the upper 50's to lower sixties at night and mid to upper 70's during the day.

Did you see our temps, Brinda? I would have snuck behind you and turned on that heater when it was 60 degrees. And your poor family suffering, while you have the oven open. Tsk Tsk. What an adjuster. If that hail went trough the water and still did all that damage, it would be a miracle your house was not swiss cheese. Think adjusters think.

Hello everyone else!! Waving both arms in the air as if flagging an airplane down!


I hate not having a camera. I have e-mailed a woman today who posted for a painter to trade for her camera. She replied back she was interested, but I haven't heard anything yet. ERRRR.

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

I'm here!!!! and alittle wet to boot! Yippee, Rain oh! glorious rain.
Will drop by later and visit,I wanna go play in the rain................

Birmingham, AL(Zone 7b)

GG, I too have been playing in it. I am sad now though. Yesterday I tilled one of the beds for my bulbs. Today it is a swimming pool. It has not rained in 5 hours and it is still holding water. I will have to dig much deeper and add more soil and I can barely move from doing the ONE bed yesterday. I think if I could get chunks of the red clay up, I could make instant terra cotta pots. Some of it wouldn't even break up when I soaked it in water. What a mess this drought has been. It will definitely have long term reprocussions.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Here's a quckie as Xman is here and tearing my house up! LOL

Traci, I leave my brugs out until close to freezing. You don't want them to freeze but mine seem to do fine even with our temps in the 40's as it was yesterday.

Oh....and during the day I'm the only one at home. So my family isn't suffering that much. But hey...I gotta save my pennies as I already have a big coleus list for next year. heat for awhile is fine with me, even though it may not be OK with Sidney as I'm not driving her profits up with OG&E.

See you guys soon....gotta run!

Pearl River, LA

Hey everyone. Traci nice to see you here. You are always so upbeat. I have been around a while just been lurking lately with not as much time to post as usual... I know you guys loved the Alabama sunset but I accidently posted a July pic of it last... I wanted you to see it the night before it left for the nursery ... believe me I shed a few tears.... I miss it so...look how much it had grown..

Thumbnail by shirleyt
Birmingham, AL(Zone 7b)

Thanks Shirley, can't help but be happy on this forum. Everyone is now dear to me like family. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor from seeing that picture.

Arlington, GA(Zone 8a)

I almost forgot,The newest project......Any ideas?

Thumbnail by georgiagarden3
Birmingham, AL(Zone 7b)

Love the circle piece. Is this to be your pool? You would have to sit in each others laps. lol.

Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

This is my basic setup for an air bubbler (clone machine)
I need to add lights and a thermostat heater
Waiting on shipment of Rock wool- 1.5 inch wrapped cubes to go in the cups.

Thumbnail by TARogers5
Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

Brinda look at the babies

Thumbnail by TARogers5
Beaumont, TX(Zone 8b)

Your cuttings look wonderful Ted. Looks like you go to a whole lot of trouble for the babies.

Alright, excuse my ignorance here while I ask a few questions.

a) Why do you use all perlite and not perlite mixed in with soil for your cuttings?

b) What is the use for the bubbler?

c) Is that a waybigo piece of styrofoam with styrofoam cups inserted?

d) Is it because your weather is colder than mine that you do these things?

This past summer, (6/22/07) when I took cuttings to take to the plant swap in Houston, I mixed (approx 1/2C) perlite and (approx 1/4C) vermiculite in with my (large bag) regular soil. I also added approx 1/2 cup of Miracle Grow Shake and Feed to the batch. I used this approximate mixture on all of my potted plants and my little 4 inch cuttings and everything worked fine for me. In less than a week, things were already growing roots.

Bottom of photo shows them a week before the swap on (7/12/07) They all grew like little heathens. This is my plan for the ones I am going to be cutting and storing in Connie's greenhouse. If I'm doing this wrong, please let me know now before I kill them all!


edited top add: I did dip the cuttings in root hormone before I stuck them into the soil.

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Thumbnail by UniQueTreasures
Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Shirley, that alabama sunset was awesome.
Pheadra, that looks so zen, and peaceful.
Brinda, Turn up the heat!!!, LOL
Ted, Janet ask all the questions I was going to.
Those look like happy babies to me.
Janet, It sounds like what you are doing is fine.

Beaumont, TX(Zone 8b)

Wow Sidney! You're ignorant too? HAHAHAHA Just kidding my friend. :-)

I know this worked for summer time cuttings, but maybe I should be doing things differently for winter time cuttings. I just don't want to take any chances on losing my coleus. In addition to my own, Brinda has sent me a lovely box of her cuttings too.

Southeast Texas is well known for it's non-cold winters. We actually get maybe 3-5 really freezing nights. Usually Christmas Day by 3 o'clock we're ready to put some shorts on. One year, it snowed on Christmas Eve. ONE YEAR!!!

Connie's got a tremendous greenhouse that the coleus cuttings will be housed in. They'll have plenty of sunshine. We're not sure yet what she's going to do about heat. She's got a couple of electric heaters that she can use that have fans in them also. There is plenty of light in there too. I have 2 big wrought iron window boxes that we will line with coir? liners and those will be mounted on the 2 X 4 wall supports. We'll put as many hanging baskets in there that we need to hold them all. She's got plenty of hanging space. I just don't want to cut into her table space with my plants. She's got lots of plants also that will need to come inside.

This will be our first year to try out the greenhouse, so we're going to be doing lots of praying that we do things right. She did say that early in the spring when it was cold she hung a fern in there and the sun just about baked it. She didn't think about the clear corragated roof letting so much sun in there. We sure don't need any baked coleus. She bought a couple of shade sails this year. She has one left. If it comes down to it, I suppose we could put that over the roof some way.

Last year I was able to keep all of my plants alive (except the coleus and the pitcher plant) by covering my back deck in plastic on the sides, leaving the roof (covered with lattice) open so that God would be able to water for me. They were in there from November to March.

I just know that if I were to bring these babies into my own house they'd be goners for sure. I can never remember to water anything in the house. I tried keeping house plants in the house for several years. They were hideous by the time Spring rolled around. I felt like a heel for murdering them with my neglect. (hanging head in shame) I ended up buying the plants all over again.

FLOYD, VA(Zone 6a)

RAIN, GLORIOUS RAIN!!! Everything looks better already. Now if it would just do this for a couple of days, maybe I would be able to plant without a jackhammer. :0)

All the cuttings I brought in are being eaten alive by cats. Spent an hour this morning picking the little buggers off. I didn't get to spray like I planned and now I get to pay the dumb and lazy penalty.

Don't have any nice coleus pictures for you this morning, but I do have this....I never knew it could be this good....


Thumbnail by rvnsbrk
Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Aren't they beautiful Jaunita?
Looks like a huge weather pattern spinning with you and me being on the outer swing of a counter clockwise rain pattern.
Hope it sets rightr where it is for a week.
My front step is barely damp, but the tennis courts across the street are glistening.

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b)

Good Morning to everyone! Goodness you all have been so busy. I just skimmed over and I need to reread it or I'll forget something and be lost. LOL Like normal, eh?

Oh Juanita, don't you just love them? I would say you have probably been bitten by the brug bug! And it takes years to get over. LOL I still drool at every bloom I see.

Patty, it's wonderful to see you again. Did I already say that? LOL Can't remember but it's great to see you.

Oh Janet, go to the greenhouse forum and learn everything you can. I have no clue about them, but it's my understanding that you need to learn before you begin or you will probably fry most things. Ugh

Ted....whooooohooooooo! Lookin' good my friend! What are you using the rockwool for? I ordered some about 4 years ago because I thought I was going to start a bunch of brug seeds. Hmmmm...I'm not a brug seed starter at all. I have killed them all, so I only mess with cuttings now. Anyway....the majority of my rockwool is still in the box and I keep wondering what I'm going to do with it. LOL What's your plan? And I love the clone machine.

Lavina, I will have to tell DH about Lucille's Roadhouse in Weatherford as he goes there quite often. I still think y'all should plan a road trip next summer.

OK Pheadra??? Fess up....what is that? How is it hanging there? Is it hanging from the ceiling or supported another way? I like it, but what on earth is it? And what are you plans with it?

Lala, where are you sweet lady? I do hope your job is treating you better and that you're finding time to relax!

Shirley, once again your Alabama Sunset makes me drool. Oh girl, you have that Alabama Sunset Touch for sure! It's beautiful!

Well, I had to bite the bullet and tell my boss that I wasn't going to make quota for the week. Oh my....I told her that things just didn't work out for the week. Teeheeee....little does she know that things did work out for me this past week as I had garden plans on my agenda. LOL Sure hope she isn't a member here. That would NOT be good for me. So, I best get after it now that I have two weeks of work to do. fun planned for today. But I did talk DH into helping clean things up and get ready to move stuff inside on Saturday. Whew!!!

Love to all....

Yukon, OK(Zone 7b) it me or do you think it's DG?

I've noticed in many of my posts that places I put a coma and a space after it.....then when I reread my posts there is a period where I put the coma and no space after it. That is about weird....and I mean WEIRD!

Hmmmmm, hmmmmm, hhhmmmm, Hmmm

And above where I wrote 'Love to all' there is only one period after it and I had about 4. Sumthin goin on y'al! And it's spooooooky too!

Stockholm, Sweden

Looks like some kind of annoying dot-eating-monster is loose. He's seems very hungry, so all of you with small noses - don't put it too close to the screen.

Kingston, OK(Zone 7a)

a) Why do you use all Perlite and not Perlite mixed in with soil for your cuttings?

I use 1/2 Perlite and 1/2 Vermiculite just to get the roots started. Then I add peat and slow release fertilizer.

b) What is the use for the bubbler?

The bubbler is for starting cuttings, like rose or hybiscus

c) Is that a waybigo piece of Styrofoam with Styrofoam cups inserted?

I made the tray out of blue foam and Styrofoam cups that float two inches above the water. The air stone makes bubbles that rise and mists the cuttings to produce roots.

d) Is it because your weather is colder than mine that you do these things?

Weather plays no part.

The Rock wool is used in the cups just to hold the cuttings in place so an inch or so is below the cup above the water. It is porous so it will not develop fungus or damping off.

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Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks Ted,
I have had all the chemicals and several different components for cloneing, hydroponic and other propigation methods collected. As soon as I'm somewhat sure I'll be here to attend to these things I'm gonna jump in with both feet.
It's great to see my friends working out the kinks.
I really admire your energy.

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