Companion plant for spring bulb 'Glory of the Snow'

Littleton, CO(Zone 5a)

I planted some very early blooming spring bulbs along my front walk and I'd like to find a good companion plant to fill in for the rest of the summer after they fade. I'm looking for something about 10in to 2 feet tall and the space is about 2x2. The bulb I planted there is called Glory of the Snow and it's about 3inches deep. The soil is a clay/mulch mix about 10inches deep. It gets Full very hot sun in the summer from about 1pm to 9pm. The colors in the bed are mostly orange, so I'm thinking red, yellow or purple as a contrast. I have some Harlequin French Marigold (Yellow and red striped) seeds I'd like to find a home for, would they work as a good companion plant? If not here are some of the other seeds I have to choose from. I'd like to use something I have, but I suppose if nothing works, I could purchase some other seeds if there are recommendations.

English Daisy
Blanket Flower: Burgundy
Gaura: Whirling Butterflies
Mountain Lupine
Penstemon: Pike's Peak Purple
Oregon checkerbloom
Baby's Breath: Covent Garden

Thanks. :)

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I am sorry no one else has come into the question you asked about companion planting, so I will give you my penny worth, the list you have is fine by me, but also go along to your library to look at some books for spring/summer borders and they will list the plants used in there pictures, what you are wishing for is really trial and error, that's what gardening is all about, if we dont like the results, we try something different for the following year, you bulbs will stay in the soil for years so you will always have them as winter colour, if you are planting a narrow border, just watch for plants that are too tall as they sometimes need canes in beside them for some support whereas in a deeper border, they have other plants to support each other, also try to use different plants and colours for your first trial as it will help you decide the shape. colour and height that you will be happy with. hope this gives you some encouragement as once you get going, you will really enjoy doing your borders each year to see what else you can add, change or leave to the original planting scheme you liked best. Good Luck. WeeNel.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

my choice would be tha blanket flower. I think it would be a nice size for the spot you describe. SOme of the otherts I'm not familiar with, though since I'm on the east coast. Baby's breath I think is a short lived and not very full plant so I would say no to that. Lupine, thought they liked it on the cool side so if thats true might not like the spot. There's my vote for what its worth.

Adrian, MO(Zone 6a)

I have some gaura that i like that bloomed earlier this spring and also started blooming a couple of weeks ago and still blooming. I know the gaura doesn't seem to mind the heat.
but your other seeds sound nice also. maybe a few of them? mixem up. sounds beautiful

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