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CG with yellow and pink flowers

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

This is a first for me. Help! One of my Charles Grimaldi's I planted in the ground outside the front door. It was a large plant overwintered in the greenhouse. Last night my DH says " You've got a pink flower on the CG" I said, well they're a versicolor hybrid and sometimes they change color. I go out and look today and the pink flower is a suaveolens type flower, whitish with pink edge. I'm stumped! Could it cross in the greenhouse in the winter? It has never had seed pods on it. I will take some pictures when I can borrow a digital camera. It has been blooming for a few weeks, all CG flowers and now this. Bizarre! Anyone know why.

Vancouver Island, BC(Zone 8b)

I didn't do anything. Until yesterday it was a Charles Grimaldi. Now it's very strange. I foliar fed a bunch of brugs earlier this year with Iron and fried the leaves badly. Dumb eh! Followed the directions. That couldn't have done it. I didn't graft it because I wouldn't know how to do it. I'm stumped. Come on over for a visit and you can see for yourself. You're not that far away. LOL

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