ID would be great!

Coffs Harbour, Australia

I inherited quite a lot of these and put them all over the property, but this is the only one in full sun. The plant at the back is the new pup and is colouring up beautifully. The inflorescense appears way down in the tank, and is a bunch of tiny purple flowers on a corymb. (I think thats explained right)
I'm not sure if that makes it a Neoregelia of some sort. It reminds me of the Aechmea blanchettiana, which I have been looking for. Only now I have this, I can get the same effect in the garden if I move some out of the shade, and at no cost! It stands about 50-60cm high and has quite an open tank.

Thumbnail by weed_woman
Coffs Harbour, Australia

I have found one very similar in plantfiles called Neoregelia "Sunshine" It's height is listed at 45cm, but mine is quite a bit larger. Perhaps a similar cultivar? What do you think?

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Well I guess thats it then

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