Plumeria... It won't bloom

Welaka, FL

I have a Plumeria (sp?)and it bloomed the first year I planted it but never again. All I get are leaves. Next spring I want to put it in the ground at my new home (. Welaka, Fl.) I keep it in the garage in the winter and kind of ignore it. It is now about 5 ft. tall and in a pot. any suggestions? Mapamperedc

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands(Zone 11)

You might try posting this on the Plumeria Forum...I have several plumeria, but I don't need to overwinter them, so I'm really not sure what to say. They need lots of sun, so perhaps the basement isn't the best place...I would check with others who need to protect them.

Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

It sound slike it might be potbound. A 5 ft tall tree rightfully should be in a HUGE pot or in the ground. Remember, these are TREES.
Try this: in the spring put it in the ground in the sunniest spot you have, give it dynamite fertilizer as soon as it wakes up.
Dig it up and store barerooted in the garage when frost is forecast.

Hope this helps.

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