Erica (Erica verticillata)

Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

Erica verticillata

Thumbnail by Calif_Sue
(Zone 9b)

Was this taken at the SF Flower and Garden Show, Sue? I remember that great booth of blooming ericas.

Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

My tag says at a nursery but not sure which one.

Rarely come here anymore.

(Zone 9b)

I have noticed! LOL It is such a pretty one!

Hope all is great with you and your family! How is your Mom?

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Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

She's doing great, just some back issues, arthritis and bone spurs, which often interfere with her sleep. Other than that, no health issues. Lives 10 minutes away and has a lovely little garden.
How are you and Tom?

(Zone 9b)

That is great your Mom is doing so well! Will you have all 4 generations over for the holidays? That must be so much fun. Your grandkids must be getting all grown up.
How cool if you get to have 5 generations all together!

We are great actually! Tom is my gift from God every single day! My son just came home today so I am thrilled! Tom made Tourtière (a Canadian meat pie dish) from his Mom's recipe. It was their traditional Christmas dish. It was so beautiful I was sad he had to cut into it. He made my Mom's cheese cake too. I haven't had it in years. It is incredibly good. So nice to visit them all even if just in our minds! We go to Kusakabe tomorrow night, our usual Christmas eve. You would love it! The best sushi in San Francisco!

Happy New Year pretty Sue!

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