PLEASE HELP!!!FLL-YUL in Winter w/Plants?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

We're moving to Montreal the end of the Month or beginning of December and we are taking along a 5' Bay Rum, 4 1/2' African Flame Tree, and 71/2' Washingtonia Palm. We're 50 and over so there's not going to be night driving. I don't want to freeze my plants. I intend to insultate them and have them set into a couple of pallets screwed together with holes sawed out to accommodate them. I'm also going to to put a tall box on top of them. Wasn't sure about air holes, probably not. Didn't know, but probably would even bring them into the hotel at night. Why not, what's 3 trees, when you've got 2 people, 2 cats and 2 dogs?

Does anyone know of a product that produces heat, like something you snap and it breaks a vial or something? I'm probably reaching too far here, I know. But out of all that I have to give up, I'm taking these plants with me!!

Thanks for any suggestions.

I know that's not a picture of any of the plants I'm talking's one that I have to sell. Arabica Coffee. I've had it for about 3 years. Got it at the Broward County Rare Fruit & Vegetable Sale for about $40. I believe I still have the original tree tag. I got over three (3) pounds of coffee off of it this year that I roasted in the oven. Last year, only enough for a pot and a half. If it were in the ground...who knows. And it is still laden with red berries. And others ripening all the time. It's on Craig's List, Fort Lauderdale if anyone is interested. Can't guarantee how long it will last, though.

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Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

Aloha! Don't know the answer to your question, but didn't want you to think we didn't read it and were ignoring you! Good luck with the move, and let us know if you come up with an answer!

Keaau, HI(Zone 11)

Only thing I can think of are the stuff for sore backs!!! Check at a nursery!!

Good will have your hands full!!!


Naples, FL(Zone 10a)

There are products like that; I remember they have them in England to keep in your pocket and warm your hands when you are out in the weather. Maybe look in outdoors or hunting equipment stores?

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