Take the gun, leave the cannoli.

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

It's that time of year again, when I drag out all the recipes
I have, ponder which ones to make, and get in an all-out mood
for Italian cooking and more!

In going over my recipes for Pizzelle, Cannoli was naturally next
on the list. I was just curious as to whether any of you have a favorite
recipe? With or without ricotta?

This was on the internet, I'm hoping someone may be able to
shed some light with an opinion. Looks pretty good to me!


New York, NY

I'd be curious what you'd use to make anything resembling an authentic cannoli filling without ricotta.

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Hello Scallion,

I was wondering the same, as I did come across a recipe
for one without ricotta. Perhaps it has something to do with
lactose intolerance? Far off guess, I'm sure.


New York, NY

Not a big cannoli fan, and I've had them all. Now if you used farmer cheese and a soft wrapper and a fruit compote . . . Oh. Right. You'd have a blintz. Lucky you. I never remember to eat blintzes. But they are definitely the real deal. Probably not a real common item in the Sooner state, however.

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

Indeed. Around here, it's a bag of pork rinds and beef jerky.


New York, NY

One thing you can be sure of, you'll never find pork rinds served with blintzes.

Hulbert, OK(Zone 7a)

In our area, a blintz would be something related to weather.


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