Is there any hope left for my Ficus?

Calgary, Canada

Hi there
I have been reading some of the past threads on the Ficus plants, and trying to nurture my Ficus, however, it is dying more and more every day.
I have had the plant for about 2 months.
During this time the plant has been dropping leaves and overall losing it's health.
At this point there are no new leaves growing what-so-ever.
I am letting the soil dry out as I thought that I was possibly watering it too much.
I am spraying it a bit.
It is in sunlight.
It is in a consistent location... so Im not sure what else to do to help rejuvenate this plant.
If you have any ideas I would really appreciate your feedback.
Thank you very much.

Plant lover.

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

It could definitely be a watering issue--if you had been overwatering it, even if you've corrected that, it could be leftover damage from that since overwatering damages the roots.

When you're watering it, do you empty out water that collects in the outer pot? If not, its roots could be rotting from spending too much time sitting in water (even if you're not watering it more frequently than you ought to).

And my last thought would be if you've got the heat running and it's in the path of a vent or something, most plants hate having the hot air blow right on them, and ficus trees tend to respond to things they don't like by dropping their leaves.

Saint Louis, MO

This picture shows white spots on the leaves that could be mealybug, though I'm sure you would recognize that as the problem. If the leaves show no stipling or webs on the underside you can rule out spidermite. Since you have nothing to lose, I would cut the areas where the leaves are past the point of no return back by about 3". If the remaining stems bend they are still alive and can be nursed back to health. If they snap easily, they are obviously dead. Also, make sure you have plenty of perlite or vermiculite in your potting soil. It's too hard to tell the nature of the soil in your pot, but compacted soil could be a problem. If all else fails, I would cut the plant way back - almost to the top of each braided stem - and watch for any new growth. Ficus are amazing plants. I have some that are 8 feet tall and when I bring them in for the winter they drop thousands of leaves. By March they are almost completely bare. Then after two weeks of regular watering, some sunshine and a little food, they start leafing out again. I think there's plenty of hope that you can bring this back to it's original beauty...Good luck!

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I have to agree with everything Ecrane has mentioned, it is a new plant, so you have introduced it to a whole new very warm environment, to be on the safe side, I would re pot the plant into new shop bought compost specifically for house plants, and a slightly larger pot, try remove as much of the old soil as possible with care, dont put the larger pot into the same type of decoration pot, but onto a larger saucer where you can see the amount of water that runs from the plant at each watering, after you water, you should remove the water sitting in the saucer after about half an hour as this will indicate the plant/soil has enough water for the roots to take up, the container you have at the moment hides the excess water from the growing pot, once it has been re potted, after a few weeks give the plant a half strength liquid feed to help it start produce new leaves to replace the fallen/dried up ones, then say once each month till it recovers, then you will know how much and when to feed it there after. Your plant needs light, but not direct sun scorching the foliage through a window, widows act like magnifying glass and dries the foliage up even more as does central heating because it is a dry heat, so indoors give it a mist spray say every second day even if you are not watering the soil, this gives moisture to the atmosphere all plants need. Some people like to sit their large plants like yours onto a saucer of pebbles to help keep the air around them moist when in central heated rooms. All the dead or dry leaves are going to drop off the plant in the next few days, so dont panic, I would remove them by hand now as there could well be some insect on them, burn them if you see any sign of insect, some by the way are as small as pin heads so you need to look really close. I think you are either killing your plant with kindness, or the house air is too dry. both are easy fixed, but your plant wont show signs of recovery instantly, so be patient, I think it will be covered in new leaves once you correct the growing conditions. Good luck. WeeNel.

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