Need help preparing sauerkraut for family dinner

Laurel, MD(Zone 7a)

I grew up in NC and this was not something I ever remember my mother fixing, especially for holidays. I now live in Maryland and my husband and my son in law who both grew up here, said they always had this at holidays. My son in law said his grandmother made this with bacon and brown sugar, and that it had to be from a bag, not a jar or can. Can anyone take me "baby steps" through fixing this for him? I sure would appreciate it. My husband only says it's cooked with seasoning meat. He thinks his grandfather cooked it with neck bones. Other than that, he can not be of any help. He doesn't remember but I would love to fix this and have it turn out really good. Do you rinse the sauerkraut? Do you bake it or cook it in a pot? For how long? How should it be seasoned? Please help!
Hugs, Shirley in Maryland

Tulsa, OK(Zone 7a)


hope this helps you.. ..

Laurel, MD(Zone 7a)

Thanks for the link. I went there and copied several different recipes and suppose I shall just "wing it" with a combination of them. I did not see one that used only bacon as seasoning meat and also had brown sugar in the recipe. I am still unclear about which is best, fresh or canned. If fresh, does it need to be cooked longer? Should it be drained and rinsed? Some of the recipes seem to cook much longer than others and I am still a bit unsure, but I am going to try it.
Thanks again.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

We have sauerkraut every holiday, and use bacon but can't imagine adding brown suger. I think it would be very different with brown sugar, so I don't think my recipe would help you -- but we love love love it. It really offsets the turkey nicely.

Sedalia, MO

I learned to put sauerkraut in my turkey when baking it from my SIL's mom. It helps keep the turkey moist and the kraut is wonderful.

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