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Easy and Ecological way to stop receiving unwanted catalogs

Los Alamos, NM(Zone 5a)

Over the years my mailbox has filled up with more and more catalogs. I do a lot of catalog shopping because I live in a small town, but I get catalogs I would never order from in a million years. Apparently I am not alone.
Last night I saw the Bill Moyers show on PBS and he featured a foundation that has organized to help people easily stop receiving the catalogs they don't want. Even the merchants like the organization because they can save lots of money by not sending catalogs to people who don't want them. They estimate that the trees cut and energy expended creating and mailing catalogs is the same as 2 million more cars on our highways. The service is free and is sponsored by 3 foundations.
Here is an easy and pleasant way we can all help the planet. To sign up go to:
You sign up, and enter the data off the mailing label on the back of the unwanted catalog. I have already stopped 25 catalogs! ( Takes 10 weeks before they actually stop.)
You can read more at -- the Bill Moyer's show.
And, do, tell your friends and relatives.

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