CLOSED: Sparrow ID

Annandale, NJ

I have a sparrow at my feeder that I am 99% sure is a Savannah Sparrow. It has the markings as well as the V in the tail. The only issue is that it has a slight yellow tingle on the wing. Can anyone help me with the ID?

Thumbnail by QuinJ
Annandale, NJ

Another picture of the Sparrow. I snapped a whole bunch although the light is/was pretty bad.

Thumbnail by QuinJ
Madison, NC

Good photos! That looks like a pine siskin, especially with the telltale yellow marking on its wings, notched tail, streaked plumage, and pointy bill. This is an irruptive year for them, so lots of people are spotting them for the first time at their feeders. You'll commonly see them flocking with American goldfinches, as your second photo shows. I think of them as looking like goldfinches but with house finch-like streaks on their bellies and backs.

Marlton, NJ

Nice pics and love that feeder! I agree w/ the ID.

Welcome to the Bird Watching forum guys! :-)

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Yep, Pine Siskin (with American Goldfinch in the second pic)


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