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Dwarf Mondo Grass 'Nana' (Ophiopogon japonicus)

Atlanta, GA

Dwarf Mondo Grass 'Nana'
Ophiopogon japonicus

Beautiful carpet of my Mondoriffic front yard.....where grass refuses to grow.

Thumbnail by DaddyNature
Atlanta, GA

If you're VERY patient, mondo grass will spread-out.....sometimes like an arm stretching outward or grow-out in an oval shape. Once I quit using lime on my lawn, it spread at much faster. I love to mow it to a hight of 3.5" and it's wonderful to recline on. :) It grows where I haven't been able to grow grass and it has survived and grown in this record-breaking drought.

Landenberg, PA

I've been doing alot of research in my attempt to replace turf grass with something that can take the shade, and will NOT need the lime/fertilizer.
Ophiopogon j. 'Nana' looks like a good solution. The only thing I'm concerned about is the length of time to get it filled in. . .


Blytheville, AR(Zone 7a)

Daddynature, Your mondo yard is beautiful. How long did it take for it to look this good? Also you said that you like to mow it to 3.5 inches. Is that numerous times during the summer or just in the spring? I'm considering this for my yard. Thanks, Laverne

Atlanta, GA

Hey y'all, it takes time but worth the wait. You can mix real grass in with the Mondo. I'm assuming you could even place sod on top of it....since Mondo is so hardy it could grow back through the sod. It took roughly 15 years of steady growth -- HOWEVER, when I stopped using lime on the soil and started plugging the yard it took VERY little time to finish the job. Obviously, it didn't like lime. Also, I was more careful to clean the leaves off the ground, in the fall. Poplar tree leaves are toxic to are Rhododendron, Oak, etc. So -- all and all, my Mondo it's growing VERY fast and I am plugging ather area around yard. Helpful hint: Try cutting the grass low to force growth into the roots; to make it spread faster. I love my Mondo carpet and it's nice to recline on the foliage. It's like thick Astroturf. :)

Pensacola, FL

Thanks for the hints. I'm trying to facilitate the property's Dwarf Mondo to spread and/or replace some fast growing turf grass.

Blytheville, AR(Zone 7a)

I just love this little stuff, its just too cute. Have plugs of it scattered here and there in my yard, around my pond and in some flower beds. Daddynature, I still am in love with your mondo grass yard but looks like a lot of work. Think I have talked myself out of a mondo yard. We would like to see more pictures. Laverne

Atlanta, GA

Hi Laverne,

I don't have any new pictures to post. I have larger patches in another section of my yard.

One of the great attributes of having a Mondo yard is that it chokes out weed.....and it hardly has to be mowed or fertilized. It's really not a lot of work to start your future yard.....if I'd known how to do it, years ago, it would have been a blessing -- instead of all the $eed and fetilizer over the years for grass....................... If you already have patches of it, in your yard, you can dig it up and divide it. Some of the plants will separate, with a little light tugging. Some of the sprigs will be connected by a root system. Use scissors or your fingers to break/cut the plants apart. Each little Mondo sprig is a future patch of Dwarf Mondo. :) If I had plenty of time, I'd try to create a pattern with it -- say, on a hillside or patch of yard you can see in the landscape. You could also start to grow it rows or boarders to give some interest to your yard.

Santa Barbara, CA

Hi, I see a lot of sun in this picture and I thought that Dwarf Mondo grass was almost exclusively a shade or semi-shade ground cover. Will it grow well in partial sun also? What about full sun? There are times of the year that my area receives full sun.

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