Egyptian bracelets/necklaces sold at night.Jasmine Sambac?

Fort Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10b)

When driving through Cairo, Egypt at night, one can buy exquisitely fragrant bracelets and necklaces from street vendors. They display these by popping them through the car windows. Just the short time these are wafted in the car, one is enshrouded with the most incredibly fragrant rich perfume. The flowers are pure white, about 1" in diameter.

If anyone knows the botanical name of the flowers used for these leis, I'd be grateful to know it. I believe its a Jasmine Sambac though I may be wrong.

If you have a rooted plant or seeds of the above to trade, I'd be interested in doing so. I can root the undermentioned plants(6 weeks for air-layering) or send seeds. A couple of those below have green seeds right now, which will take a little while to ripen.

1. Cananga Odorata. Tree. The flowers are the source of Chanel #5 perfume. Exquisite perfume wafting in the breeze for quite a distance. My trees flower pretty much all year round. Colour: very green (immature) strong yellow (when ripe). The trees seed very well. Propogation: seeds. I believe air layering is good, but it has not worked for me!

2. Telosma Cordata. Vine. These flowers have a mixed fragrance of violets and roses. The fragrance wafts in the breeze only a few feet fromt he plant. Colour: yellow, dangling down like bells, mostly hidden by the leaves of the vine. Propogation: The roots are easily divided when mature. Ground layering.

BRUNFELSIAS. Shrubs. All are night fragrant flowers. All are prop by seeds or air-layering. The gardenia like fragrances are all different, powerful and waft quite far. all have just the most exquisite perfumes!
3. Brunfelsia Americana. Fragrance of cloves. Colour: Cream by day, pure white at night.
4. Brunfelsia Nitida. Fragrance of cloves. Colour: cream by day, pure white at night.
5. Brunfelsia Isola. Fragrance rather gardenia-ish. Colour: white with a hint of purple.
6. Brunfelsia Lactea. Fragrance rather gardenia-ish. Colour cream by day, pure white at night.
7. Brunfelsia Gigantica. Fragrance rather gardenia-ish. Colour cream by day, pure white at night.

8. Cestrum Diurnum. Day jasmine tree/shrub. Fragrance of milk chocolate. pure white, tubular, small in clusters
9. Cestrum Nocturnum seed all still green -Night Jasmine. The birds pinch them as soon as they are ripe, so its difficult to be a winner competing with them for these seeds.......Not good to grow next to a bedroom window as its fragrance is extremely powerful!

10. Nyctanthus Arbor Tristis (Indian. Tree Of Sorrow). Seeds are still green but I'll have about 4 of them when they ripen. Fragrance similar to that of Cestrum Diurnum.

12. Gardenia Tubifera 'Kula'. 'Golden Gardenia'. Rooted only as I've never had seeds from this lovely plant.

Not fragrant: Gloriosa vines. I mix my seeds...Rothschildiana, Superba, Carnosii.
etc, etc.....

Older albums of some flowers in my garden:
[[email protected]]
[[email protected]]
[[email protected]]

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Fort Lauderdale, FL(Zone 10b)

Should I be fortunate to have this Egyptian Jasmine Sambac identified, and should someone in the USA have this plant for trade, the rooted cuttings would be offered as trades. I'm aware they could not be legally mailed overseas.

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