June/July bloomers for shade.

Chesterland, OH(Zone 5b)

What do you have in your shade garden that blooms in June & July in moderate shade? I thought this might make a good post for reference.

I have no problem with color in my woodland garden in the spring, but come June and July, it needs some more color. At best I have a few hours of sunlight that comes in the morning. the rest of the day the sun filters through the canopy. I already have Astilbe and hydrangea, a few daylilies...


White Lake, ON(Zone 4b)

Hi Shady, good idea for a reference thread. Here's a few that bloom in that timeframe here:

Lady's Mantle
Astrantia 'Ruby Wedding'
Corydalis lutea
Dicentra 'Luxuriant'
Dicentra spectabilis
Galium odoratum
Heuchera 'Rave On' (great flowers)
Phlox divaricata (woodland phlox)
Jacob's Ladder


Chesterland, OH(Zone 5b)

Great list, You know I have these plants or variations of them. I guess I should start thinking about rearranging some of them so they have more a impact.

Stanford, CA(Zone 9b)

That is a great list Sandy.
There are hostas that bloom in July.

Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

I can add some to the nice list of Sandy;

Aquilegia's (mine were still blooming in June...)
Campanula poscharskyana
Campanula persicifolia
Campanula lactiflora
Fuchia magellanica
Ligularia prewalszki (mine blooms from middle june on..)
Lilium martagon (blooms in June)
Lysimachia nummularia
Oxalis articulata
Platycodon grandiflorus
Solanum dulcamara
Zantedeschia aethiopica

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

Did you see the perennial co-op at http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/816414/ ? There are a lot of heuchera/tiarella, etc. at great prices -- perfect for the shade.

Chesterland, OH(Zone 5b)

Thanks to both of you - happy and bonitin,
I don't have much luck with heuchera, as a matter of fact I was recently talking with some other shade gardeners and they too, don't have luck with them either, so it just might our local region isn't conducive for them. I have tiarella and they bloom earlier for me.

Bonitin, you have listed many plants that I don't have like the aconitums and campanula and lysimachia solanum....

Zantedeschia aethiopica is not hardy where I live;o( I grow Zantedeschia albomaculata" which is hardy for me!

I don't think solanum is hardy for me either.

Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)

You must be kidding about the heuchera -- they do great for me. I love love love them -- and believe me, I can kill anything. I still have a Purple Palace I put in 15 years ago. But the newer varieties are gorgeous.

Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

It sure must be all that love that makes them thrive Happy, lol!
the problem with heutchera is that the soil must be moist but not wet very well drained, specially in the winter they can start rotting in lengthy rainy periods. I also love them but mine suffer in the long wet winters over here, but they often recover in spring.

Try Lilium martagon Shady, they are gorgeous and certainly hardy for you, they need a couple of hours of sun though..They bloom in May-June in my place. I think many plants that bloom in May in my zone probably would be a month later in your place. Then there are even more choices...
Aconitums are hardy too till zone 5.
Campanula takesimana is gorgeous with large nodding flowers, also hardy for you plus all the other campanulas in my list.
also hardy until zone 4-5 are all the different types of Lysimachia.
Then there are the Ligularia's, also late bloomers...

I thought pics say more than just names, so I will post some of mine,
I'm not sure if all of them are hardy in your place, you can find out in PF, but I think most will be.

Aruncus dioicus, blooming in June-July

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Campanula poscharskyana, blooming in June

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Campanula lactiflora 'Loddon Anne'. There are many other beautiful types.

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Campanula 'Kent Belle'

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Lilium martagon 'alba', blooming in June

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Lilium martagon, all the martagons are hardy untill zone 4 I think..

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Close-up of the same

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

What about all the beautiful woodland oxalis, don't know though if all of them are hardy for you..
This one is Oxalis articulata, it takes quite a lot of shade and blooms from April on even until November non-stop. I even sometimes still get some flowers in December!

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

and then this volunteer that came up in my shady garden, it only gets a couple of hours of sun in summer-time, it started blooming very late from July on for many months after.
Rudbeckia hirta

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

and the many beautiful varieties of the very easy
Schizostylus coccinea

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

There are many pretty lamiums too..
This is Lamium maculatum'Beacon Silver'.

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Ligularia prewalszki, starts blooming late around July-August.
Mine hardly gets any sun at all..

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Detail of the interesting flower;

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Brunnera macrophylla blooms in April-May but the floliage is very handsome.

These are 'Jack Frost' with the strong veining and the other on the left 'Looking Glass', last year I bought one called 'Morse' that will bloom with white flowers but with the same veined foliage like 'Jack Frost'.

Thumbnail by bonitin
Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

detail of the pretty real blue forget-me-not flowers

Thumbnail by bonitin
Chevy Chase, MD(Zone 7a)


Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Does it have to be flowers for color? Could you use Heucherella Sunspot? (Cross between Tiarella and Heuchera) Here is a link to a picture of it -- upper lefthand corner. http://www.terranovanurseries.com/wholesale/popups/heusco.html

Or what about Coleus -- an annual

Here is a picture of Claude Shride, a martagon lily. It's the red one in the back. The martagon in the front, sort of peach colored, is Mrs RO Backhouse. The Asiatic lily in the front gets a lot of sun.

Also, the different kinds of Thalictrum all bloom in that time frame.

Thumbnail by Illoquin
Bettendorf, IA

That oxalis is gorgeous!! Not hardy here but after last year I have a bed that will be annual oxalis. I had old planters from prior years St. Patrick's Day "shamrock" plants that I wanted to use for something else. They were at least 2 years old. Dry old dirt that had been sitting in the garage. I dumped the dirt and all of the sudden the oxalis came back to life! All summer had the most beautiful display of oxalis :) I always load up on them this time of year for inside the house but will put them outside once it warms up :)

I can't get my heichera to do well either. it doesn'e die, but it doesn't grow or bloom either. I went crazy getting it 2 years ago when I started gardening and they are all the same exact size as that year and not one has bloomed :(

Hobart, IN

I thought I was the only one who has a black thumb with Heucheras. 'Lime Ricky' was doing great for two years running but after coming back last spring, it gave up by June. I was wondering if there's a weak link in the newer varieties. Maybe they don't like midwestern winters?


my Heuchera has not grown more than a few leave in 1 year, although it bloomed when I brought it HOME~! I cut the bloom to help the roots, of course, but still growth is SLOW!

Stanford, CA(Zone 9b)

Here are some ligularias blooming in August.

Thumbnail by doss
Chesterland, OH(Zone 5b)

Illoquin, your martagon lilies are beautiful, I tried to grow them once but didn't have any luck with them, I think I don't have enough sun for them.
Doss, that's a beautful corner and picture, did you put the wall in yourself?

Gent, Belgium(Zone 8a)

Doss, your wall looks very chic!
I love Ligularia's, but I keep them in pots as they seem to be irresistible for slugs and snails.
It's long ago though I've tried them in full ground and in the mean while I have a whole army of toads, frogs and newts that keep that problem under control pretty well, so I guess I could try them again along my pond..

Shady, my L.martagons don't get much sun at all and they do bloom for me. It is a type of lily that does well in half-shade..

New Hampshire, NH(Zone 5b)

My japanese iris blooms in mid-late June in part-shade. Oh, and hardy geraniums too.

I have more trouble with August and September...once my astilbe show is over, my yard looks kind of bland.

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Oh, I love your Campanula poscharskyana, bonitin! So pretty planted along the shady steps. I guess I didn't realize camapanulas liked shade--maybe I can grow a few where I have my daffodils blooming now...I wonder...?

I 'wintersowed' about 5 kinds a campanulas so I'm hoping for some pretties for the shadey corners of the garden, too.

And, Hi! Shadyfolks, I haven't seen your posts lately (nor Doss's) so it's good to catch up. Are you having another garden tour in June/July?! Is that why you need the blooms? Are we invited?? LOL (-:

Salt Point, NY(Zone 5a)

Bonitin, your gardens are amazing! Somehow the shady gardens seem so peaceful and understated. Gorgeous.
Illoquin, the martagon lilies are something else. We're in the same zone, so I can't wait to look into those!
Doss, you have some beautiful gardens!
It's so nice to have found DG and see what's 'poppin' everywhere!

Urbandale, IA

Iím updating a north side entry way always in shade. You might be interested in some types of ligularia, loosetrife and touch-me-not, a very tall type of impatiens (impatiens balfouri) that grows up to 3 ft tall.

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