Journal Feb 8th Friday

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

It's Friday! Isn't that wonderful? DH will be home and we'll have a good time in the garden tomorrow!

Raining here this AM - but no complaints, all my new plantings need it. DH finished my raised beds for asparagus, leeks, onions, and seed starting yesterday. I need to clean the house today, but would rather be planting things!! Wish I had a maid. . . or could twitch my nose and dirty clothes would be washed, ironed and hanging in the closet, and the dishwasher would put the dishes up.

Are the leaves ever going to stop falling???? I'm so tired of the messy brown stuff on my lawn. DH needs to vacuum again if rain goes away tomorrow.

The jonquils are blooming everywhere!!! They are so beautiful and they smell so good. They look like white icing on a cake. These are the old-fashioned kind, wish I had some. I think everyone has some except me: sob, sob sob.
Have a blessed day,

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

grits morning,morning everyone,Today is friday-(LOL)the 9th! Its been raining here all night, the snow is melting and they say it will reach 50 here today. It is making a big pond in the yard, we are hoping it freezez again so we will have our own icerink for awhile(happens every year) I want to put a pond there and shade gardens-maybe this year-they foolishly taught me how to run the backhoe! ;]
Last nights wrestling meet was short-2 of the teams couldnt make it becuz of weather...teig won his only match!!!
I was disappointed cuz he cut so much weight for this one and then noone shows up! When wrestling started he weighed 140lbs-went down to125lbs last nite he made 119lbs can you say SKINNY! I hate that part of wrestling-I havent made xmas cookies in 3yrs now!
Grits, your killing me with blooming flowers-with this rain melting the snow I hope to be able to see the whole garden soon.
Everyone have a great day today-distric champs tourny this weekend...luck to us!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Morning all! Grits ya'll can keep the rain! Our rain will get here around noon. I wanted to play on the tractor this weekend...rats! Now the ground will be to wet for tilling.
Have to go do the Walmart thing this morning (yuck) I always hate that trip. Yesterday it got up to 82* in the sun. We had to run the air cond. last night! Weather guy says the same today. You folks stay warm, dry, and in some cases cool! Bye, Lisa

Pineville, LA(Zone 8b)

Oh, how embarrassing! Forgive the "duh".

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

#8 is now one of my favorite #s so I dont mind seeing it!!
I see it everyday in the dinning room-i have a inflateable
#8 car hanging from the window-and diecast #8 so the 8th must be a day worth doing twice!


Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Everyone,
Nice day taking shape here:) I was hoping to get some outside things done here, however, this cold is dragging me down. It's strange using the library's computer here to log onto must be an addiction Anyway, I have to get the bedtime and storytime books for the week. I think we've read Goodnight Moon a zillion times now! Spring cannot come fast enough! Have a great weekend everyone :)

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning. Well 8th or 9th no matter, it looks just the same from here. This morning it is 12*,snowing pretty much sideways, about 5" happened overnight. On a picnic table bench about 3 ft back under the porch roof there was 3 inches. I took the house dog out for his walk and he was quite excited. He loves new snow. Last night I was watching the weather channel to see if I could get an idea of when we would get snow and how much. The guy stood right in front of the whole west coast through the forecast, so I got a great view of the rest of the country. Just give up and go to bed, look out the window. Some of you in the middle of the country are getting it really messy, Jewel with lambs being born, and leaflady for sure, also Dori. My neighbor just made a trip through our driveway/parking area with his snowplow, bless his heart. Looks like I need to bake that man some banana bread! I don't see the little bunny this morning, he probably ate closer to home. Well everybody enjoy your day, whatever kind you have. I'll throw some snowballs for all you southerners who are deprived of snow.

Richmond, KY(Zone 6b)


Around here we don't listen to those guys on the Tee & Vee. We use a weather rock instead. You ought to get one.

It's nothing but a largish rock (type doesn't matter) used for telling the weather:

If it's wet, it's raining.
If it's white, it's snowing.
If it's dry, the sun is out.
If it's black, it's nighttime.
If it's up in the air you've got a tornado and shouldn't be wasting time staring at rocks.

(Zone 6a)

It is 60 here and a a cold front is coming. The wind has been blowing real hard. My trash cans are in the creek.The electric has been off since 7 and I have been pidling around. My day off and I need to clean and do laundry and no electric.
So It comes on and what is the first thing I do .Check my e-mail and daves garden. Weel off to the dungeon to work on laundry. Have a BB game at noon...hope we win...

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

It's cold and rainy here in central MO. It rained all day yesterday and much of last night. Very few puddles and it has soaked in wonderfully. The ducks are having a ball with some small 'ponds' in the yard and ajoining field.
DH & DGS just left for a test drive of the van. He finally got it back together. DH is slow due to arthritis and other problems but he is still a top notch mechanic. DGS is learning from one of the best.
Doing lots of laundry today. It just seems to pile up no matter what I do. Also washing for our son who will leave prison tomorrow and go to a half way house for a few months. His clothes have been in the attic for a few years so I thought they need a freshening even tho I washed them before I stored them.
Grits, I'll dig some daffodils in a few months and send to you if you would like. We have several cultivars and I'll try to send a sampling of each. Remind me when it is about time for them to be thru blooming here.
I guess I should go and get more work done. Have a blessed day everyone.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Brook: My weather rock is under 2 feet of snow! The snow has quit comming down as of about an hour ago, wind blew it into drifts, my neighbor is going to plow for me, and now the sun is out. That doesn't mean it is warm tho, still only about 18*.

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