Change your kitchen stove color?

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Any of you successfully change the color of your kitchen stove? My daughter has an opportunity to get a relatively new kitchen stove for little money, (a friend is remodeling)but the stove is black and her appliances are all white. I have heard of people having the auto shop paint them but a diy ever?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I know there's a stainless steel paint out there that you can use for stoves and other appliances so it wouldn't surprise me if they made paint in other colors too. The key will be to find a paint that will stand up to high temperatures. The problem she'll run into though if her stove is anything like mine she'll have to leave the control panel black (otherwise she'll be painting over all the letters & numbers), and then it might look a little weird having a white stove with the black control section. That's actually the reason I decided not to do the stainless steel paint on my appliances--to me SS needs to have black trim, and my stove is off white, and I would have had to leave the control part off white so I could still read things and I didn't think that would look good with stainless.

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

You might contact a bathtub refinisher. They use an epoxy paint that would probably do the job. My real best guess - leave it alone. My the time you spend the time and money to get it painted, you will likely wish you bought a new stove.
I redid a kitchen sink with epoxy, once upon a time. The paint did a real good job of leveling out, but I didn't really spend all the time prepping it that I should have. It brushes on and is available at most hardware stores. A two part paint (epoxy)

Missouri City, TX

When we lived north of LA, we had one redone by a company that specialized in the process. Saved a couple of hundred $$ by removing the stove and taking all the pieces to them. It was one of those with the microwave in the top with a ceramic rangetop, so changing the color was much cheaper than replacing.

It was coppertone with a few chips, and we wanted white.

Only took about 30 minutes to remove it to the back deck, and under 2 hours to remove all the panels - including the door and drawer fronts.

Looked great when we reassembled and reinstalled.

While it was out, we replaced the floor covering in the kitchen.

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