wood stove condensation problem on ceiling box

Yelm, WA

I have a new wood stove, professionally installed, in my shop. On four different occasions, I've had water dripping off the ceiling box when I enter the shop first thing in the morning. It always happens after a weather change overnight, from 40 degrees and damp or raining, to 30 degrees and clear. I give the service department kudos for trying. They made three trips out here to double check their installation, but the problem still exists. They finally admitted it could be condensation, and not a rain leak, but they hadn't a clue what to do. Last week, they brought the manufacturer's sales rep out, and he had never seen a problem like it. They will be back next week to try a fix they dreamed up, that may or may not work. Anybody been here before and have a proven solution?

Gladwin, MI(Zone 5a)

Wow, that would be a problem.
The only water problem I have had is snow on the chimney in the fireplace melting down when having a fire.

Our woodstove this year is causing ice buildup on the roof at the eves straight down from the chimney. Never did that in the other 4 years we had it up and running every day.

What is your chimney like? Ours is straight up and out of our house. This is the most effective and least likely to get clogged, I was told.

Maybe the chimney going from warm to cold is causing the condensation. Just an UNeducated guess here.

Afton, NY

I have had the same problem It would disappear after getting a fire going.Condensation from a cold insulated metal chimney. Curious to know what the 'fix' is that the rep dreams up. Be sure to post it.

Baceno, Italy

It could possibly be a issue with air in the area that the stove is. Usually condensation is cured with a type of outside air kit installed on the stove.

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