Seed Clearance at Seed Saver's

Merrimac, WI(Zone 4b)

I received the following in an email:

Special Holiday Sales
-Our entire inventory of 2007 seed packets is 50% off through Dec. 23, 2007 -20% off our wide selection of gardening books, cookbooks and children's books -25% off 2008 Seed Savers Calendars -25% off all Unique Stone inventory, including stone bird baths -Other store-wide sales on T-shirts, Tote-bags and more!

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks, jas-- I can't resist a good sale and Seedsavers has so many interesting seeds (and is such a worthy organization), but I went to the website and didn't find mention of a price reduction. Is there a special code?

Thanks. t.

Strasburg, VA(Zone 6b)

i didn't find any specials listed either

Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

You know, I bet the special prices only show up for members. I am not a member, but it is such a good organization, I'm tempted to join...

Evansville, IN(Zone 6b)

The 2007 seed packet sale is on site only at the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center, 3074 North Winn Road, Decorah, Iowa.

All 2007 seed packets at the gift shop are 50% off, cash and carry. It is not a mail-order sale and is only for the remaining 2007 seed inventory at the gift shop before it closes for the season at the end of the day on December 23rd.

Seed Savers Exchange has had the this half-price seed sale each year since the new gift shop opened. It's a great deal for those who are visiting the Goldman Center.


Cincinnati (Anderson, OH(Zone 6a)

Hi, pennyrile, welcome to Dave's Garden!

And thanks for the explanation! Do you get to go to the sale???

The SSE looks like a wonderful place from the catalog! t.

Merrimac, WI(Zone 4b)

Thanks, pennyrile. They didn't really give any info with the message they sent, and I haven't had time to call.

Evansville, IN(Zone 6b)


No, I don't get to go to SSE. Wish I did, but I just send in my 35.00 membership and get the seasonal publications, the Yearbook and the public catalog. It's a great organization and everyone who's into preserving heritage vegetables should participate. Someday I hope to visit their farms.


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