Hypertufa Basics

Springfield, OH(Zone 5b)

Welcome to Hypertufa. In this thread you will find basic recipes and techniques for hypertufa.

Do not post anything other than a hypertufa technique or information. If you have a question, Please start a new thread.

If someone has Terms or information to add to what I have placed in this post please feel free to Dmail me and I will edit it in :)

If you have info or helpful hints that aren't covered here please feel free to add a post :)

Thank you and Happy Tufa-ing


PC = Portland Cement

Releases for Molds:
wd40 - posted by hostajim1

Perlite, Peat (the dark stuff that is used for soil amendment), Vermiculite
To make additives finer :
Put perlite into a plastic bag and roll with rolling pin until at desired consistency
Push peat through a screen to seperate and make finer


Making Leaves:


Guide To Colorants:


Concerns about Asbestos in Vermiculite:


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