Questions on memory cards for janome 8000 and 9000

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I hope someone out there can answer this question. I'm not sure who to ask.

I had a janome 8000 , well, I still have it, but I bought the 9000 instead of the l0000 so I could use all my 8000 cards on my 9000 machine, which I was told I could do this.

So far, 2 of my cards for the 8000 machine do not work on the 9000 one, One was the original first card that came with the 8000 with all the alphabets on it, and the other so far is the 3 and 2 letter monogram which I want to use all the time, now I have to go back to the 8000 machine to use it. that 8000 won't always be in my home, since it now belongs to my daughter.

How come those two don't work in my 9000 machine? Anybody know?

The monogram card number is 9 ,

Do you know if they make that same monogram card for the 9000 machine? I would buy it so I could use it on my 9000 machine. I know I have to look on ebay, but have never found any other monogram cards like # 9 except the #9 one


Little Rock, AR

The 9000 won't use the #1 card because those lettere are built into the 9000 as are the Monograms. The 9000 will use all of the 8000 cards except the ones containing letters. For those you must use the built in letters or a lettering card made for the 9000. Cards made for the 9000 will all have a 3 digit number like 101 or 122 instead of 1 or 22. If we can help we are in North Little Rock. Ph # 501 753-6050.
Thanks, Tom

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

WEll, I'll be, I guess that's why the letters don't work on the 9000 , I appreciate your help Tom, Hum, you own a sewing shop?

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I have one more question, if I could .

what do I need to purchase to be able to convert cd's to memory cards that will work in my machine.

what is that called, the product that you have to purchase to do this?

Little Rock, AR

What you would need is sold with various names, Magic Box, Universal translator Box, and more. they are all the same box just different names. It will allow you to copy designs from other brand cards or from your computer(cd, floopy, hard drive). There is also a more expensive box available from Janome or Elna that can be used, but for what you are asking the "magic Box" is by far the least expensive way to go. Also those boxes will not allow you to read the cards of other brands. Today you can often find cards for the 8000. 9000, Pfaff 7570, etc. for as low as $10. The ability to copy them is a wonderful plus. Most accessories for the 9000 are very inexpensive these days because dealers have them traded in with machines or have them left over from when the machine was current.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

OH yes I've heard of the magic boxes, thanks I appreciate the help Tom

Anthem, AZ

Hello all -- resurrecting a VERY old thread because I just can't find any information on this topic and this thread was the only thing I found on the internet with some answers.

My teenage daughter has taken a shine to sewing and was recently given a used but in great condition Janome Memory Craft 9000. She has been filling her time during the pandemic lock downs sewing masks, making hair scrunchies and dabbling with the embroidery function of this machine.

I read in the manual for the 9000 that the memory cards for the 8000 will work (as the original poster stated) however, the 8000 memory cards seem to function completely differently. When you put in a 9000 memory card the embroidery carriage moves to set the hoop up and centers it, so that the machine is ready to start the process in the middle of the hoop. When you put the 8000 memory card in the slot, the card can be read, you can make the selections, but the embroidery carriage does not move to set the hoop up. The carriage moves around, but when it is done moving it repositions itself back to the far right of the machine -- it does not move to center the hoop like it does with the 9000 memory cards.

I don't know if anyone out there still uses this machine with the various memory cards for both the 8000 and the 9000 or remembers how to use this machine with these memory cards.

If anyone can lend some guidance I would be so grateful. My daughter and I have been trying to read and figure this out on our own, but information on this machine is so limited due to its age. I've also tried to contact Janome but they were unable to assist me.

TIA for any assistance someone might be able to lend.

Boston, MA

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