Dwarf Cavendish Banana general care?

Cornwall, United Kingdom

I need to know a few general care tips for my Dwarf Cavendish Banana plant.Please Help!
I Would appreciate any information regarding, watering (twice a week in summer once in winter?)
Humidity (outer pot filled with wet compost? Standing in pot with wet pebbels?) Temprature (15 c minimum in winter?)

* Also information regarding banana plant and heat mat compatibility, greatly appreciated

Regards .Josh

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Josh: I don't grow these plants but here's the link to the Plant Files Information on your plant.

Hopefully someone will come along soon and be able to give you some advice regarding heat mats.

Good luck with your Beautiful Banana Tree and Happy Growing!

Ooops ... forgot the link: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/532/

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Cornwall, United Kingdom

Thanks plantladylin for the hyperlink ;)

San Antonio, TX

I got one of these in a trade over the summer and when it arrived I didnt really think it was gonna survive. Dont know if they are all hardy but this little one was and is now doing very well. I dont do anything special for it but keep it watered and in the shade for now. It's in my makeshift green house right now with all my other plants and they are all doing well this winter so far. I saw a pic in the link suggested of a large plant with fruit and flower. If mine gets that big I'll be a happy camper.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Carrot, your Banana is not hardy here in UK, however, you can put them outside for the summer months, say from about May, when all risks of frost has passed, there are some types of the Banana family of plants that can stay outdoors here, IF, they are wrapped with straw ans plenty of it to protect the growing heart of the plant, but indoors, treat it as for your Cheese plant with plenty of humidity by misting, keep away from direct sunlight too, again, these plants can grow to a huge height, very large leaves that grow from the center of the growing tip and uncurl as they mature and need some light, unlike the other plant, these Banana plants throw up tiny little plants from the base, once they are about 12 inches tall, you can cut them away from the parent along with a bit of attached root, so you would scrape away a bit of the top soil to find the root, they have fleshy roots, large and therefore will need to re-pot it every year, say each spring with some nice new compost, they like a lot of water in the growing season from spring to end of summer, then try rest it for a bit each winter, only giving enough water to make sure the compost dont dry out, should the growing top bit die off for any reason, cut it off if it is mushy, but then keep looking after the bottom part as it will regrow again. good luck. WeeNel. UK.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Thanks WeeNel for the info ;) really helpfull, ta

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

I grow this plant indoors.
I do put mine outdoors in the summer,(I gradually introduce it to brighter light, and it eventually grows in full sun on my deck) but it will grow fairly well indoors in your sunniest window.
When grown indoors they need as much light as you can provide, including direct sun. Of course, you won't want to place it directly in the sunny window if it's been growing in shade, but rather introduce it to the brighter light gradually.

You'll find, if it's getting enough light, that it's very thirsty, and as for watering, I simply recommend watering when the top 2-3 inches of soil begins drying out.
if allowed to get too dry, they tend to attract spider mites, but if kept too moist, rot can set in.

The streaking on the leaves isn't as 'vivid' when growing indoors, but it's still noticeable and beautiful!

This is one of my favorite foliage plants.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

thanks for add to thread, really helped but do you know anything about the heat mat?

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

I think the heat mat would do wonders for it's growth, as bananas love warm roots!

I use a heat mat for some aroids, such as alocasia and colocasia during the winters here.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Thanks, I have read loads of info on Internet but none of it seems to be solidly correct :p Sorry to seem as though im nagging but do you know anything about banana plant germination? I have brought a pack of wild banana seeds (5 seeds) and i was wondering what my chances were of succsesfully raising them. I soaked them for 24ish houres and now there inbetween moist warm tissue paper sitting in a dish (which i cling-filmed to raise temprature and humidity) in a shoe box. There is a poorly constructed picture which i drew on paint :D I was wondering if this is the correct way of germinating my Musa Accuminta (or something like that) seeds. After germination i planned to move them into my propigater! which is filled with seed compost. WILL THIS WORK!!!! I am adement on making these seeds germinate and are really looking forward to raising them ;D
Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this

Regards -Josh-

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Cornwall, United Kingdom


SW, WI(Zone 4b)

? (LOL!) I'm at work, so can't be on long and took a 'work-break' ()

Sorry, I know absolutely nothing about germinating the seeds - I've never grown any from seed.

Someone on the tropicals forum may be able to help you out with that.

Bwilliams frequents the aroid forum, and I'm almost positive that he has grown several bananas from seed, as well.

Don't feel that you're 'nagging', as you said - that's why we're all here - to ask and to learn!

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Thanks, but i know nothing of work, i am only 13 :D The Anroid forum you say, ill check it out, thanks for the info-

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

Here's a link to the Aroid forum, where you'll find bwilliams somewhere, and I'm sure he can help.

Hope no one gives you any grief for posting there, since Bananas aren't aroids.
Maybe you could just post that you're looking for B. Williams - need some germination info/assistance.

Here's a link to the Tropical Fruits forum:
(which I didn't even know existed until just now while searching for the link to the Tropicals Discussion forum! Now I'm thinking that may be your best bet?)

And here's a link to the Tropicals Discussion forum:
I'm sure there are at least a few people reading that forum that have started bananas from seeds.

Good luck to you - you'll know more than you wish about working in the future, I'm sure...enjoy yourself now!

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Thank you :D, ive left an E-Mail on B-Williams blog thingy, he wasnt as hard to find as i expected as he had the first forum under his name LOL!
Anyways im waiting for a response now, i left him the hyperlink to thisforum because i dont know my way around anywhere else, Thanks again


Cornwall, United Kingdom

Does anyone know what the maximum temprature is for germinating banana seeds, its kinda urgent :D (30c+) i hope ;)

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

I read a quote on another forum saying "You need to alternate temperatures to sprout most banana seeds.
Try a regime of 14 hrs of 55-60 degrees F and 10 hrs of 80-95 degrees F. "

So I guess 95 degrees would be the maximum.

Again, I've never grown them from seed so can't vouch for that, but the guy seems to know what he's talking about!

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Lucky then, I am going to keep the heat mat on in the daytime and turn it off in the night time. The temprature should drop 'enough', anyway, its worth the risk ;)
Wait up, 95 degrees is 35 c, so the seeds wont germinate at a constant 25-30c temprature? Or is that just preferable?
anyways thanks for your input ;)
Also i am going to start another forum about germinating these seeds its really interesting, prehapse creating a new forum will kickstart some new comments

Regards -Josh-

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Cornwall, United Kingdom

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SW, WI(Zone 4b)

From what I recall reading, that's just 'preferable' - seems to allow 'better odds' / more seeds to germinate.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Ok, howabout daytime (28c) and nightime (17c)

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

Sounds pretty darned close to what was recommended!
I think the 'variance' was the important factor in his opinion, and you've got a good variance with those temps.

Again, good luck!
Please do keep us informed on your results!

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Cornwall, United Kingdom

Yay, everything seems to be right (for once) Obviously there is no sign of growth yet, but i will keep u posted, thanks for your help-
Also My Pineapple top has rooted and there is signs of new growth :D YAY!

Merry Christmas ;)
Regards -Josh-

SW, WI(Zone 4b)

Good going!!
I tried to root a pineapple top once (outdoors during the hot and humid summer where/when almost *everything* roots) and did not succeed, so you've done better than I with that one.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Its a matter of luck really yours didnt root probably because its outside, even if it was warm there may have still been temprature fluctuations ect-The skill is to root it before it goes brown and rots. I left mine for 3 days to allow it to form a callus, (this seals all scars and helps prevents rot) I havent got anything better to do so im gonna write a guide on how to grow them! :P
It took me 3 attempts to root 1 so dont be disscouraged if it dont work first time, try and try again!

1) Get a Pineapple thats leaves do not come out easily when pulled
2) I know it seems brutal but grab the pineapple top and twist hard, it should come out with a bit of fruit *IMPORTANT cut this off with a sharp knife otherwise the plant will rot!!!
3) Put the bottom of the stem in cold water
4) Wait about 2 months
5) Voilla- The pineapple should have roots
6) Pot it in normal no2 soil (keep it moist at all times)
7) Wait for new growth to appear

These show the different methods:


Try it again its worth it, here is some helpful hyperlinks if u want another go ;)

Regards -Josh-

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