Brugs Surrounded by Geraniums

San Diego, CA

Hi there, I have a couple of brugs in the ground and they are all relatively small right now, about a feet tall to a feet and a half tall for all three of them. All three of them are surrounded by pretty large geraniums which are about 3 inches away from the base of the brug. What I want to know is, will the brugs be able to grow happily with geraniums around them? They seem to be doing good now, but I just want to know in the long run, will the geraniums' roots suffocate the brugs? Thanks for any help!

Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 9b)

thats the way we all learn thanks for asking

Newberry, FL(Zone 8B)

with you being zone ten, one thing to think about is if the geraniums will get enough sun as the brugs get larger, in your case probably huge. also when i have moved brugs it seems they have fairly large, long shallow roots running close to the top of the ground sometimes. so much depends on your zone, soil, microclimate.....if they look good, am sure they do, i would probably leave them too.

Straide, Mayo, Ireland(Zone 9a)

there is no way a brug will suffer from a few geraniums around its feet..... or vice versa

visiting Jane

Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I can agree with that the other day I dug my brug bed larger and was out over 6' from one that is about 8' tall and pulled up some root as I was cutting turf out of the way to edge a border so I would think any thing close to the trunk wont bother the brug

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