Flowers & bananas

San Antonio, TX

I think I read in one of these postings that in order to get a brom to flower u need to put it in a plastic bag with rotted bananas. Did I read it or dream it? 2nd: If it's true can someone gimme more specifics like, do I just put the banana in the bag with the plant or do I peel it and put it in the dirt the brom is in, mix it in the dirt or ??

I really appreciate any input.........

Springfield, MO(Zone 6a)

Ripening apples (and other fruit) give off Ethylene gas. In Bromeliads this can trigger the growing meristem to "convert" from a growing point to a blooming point. Ethylene plays a very interesting role in plants, having all kinds of effects.

Many ripe fruits give off the gas and apples are most often used. You have to allow the gas to reach the meristem at the growing point deep in the rosette, i.e empty the rosette of water first.) Of course, the plant needs to be reasonably mature and healthy.

One can buy pellets that will produce ethylene when put in a rosette of water and blooming usually happens within 4-6 weeks. My own stock of these are too old and I'm looking for new sources.

Most Bromeliads will bloom on their own after they reach maturity, but some are shy and take many years without intervention. Most Bromeliads you see for sale in shops will have been chemically treated to bloom


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