Dark spots

Quatre Bornes, Mauritius


Can anyone tell me how to remove dark spots on the face . I have tried many products , still there is no progress.

Thank you

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I've tried a few, too, and some will fade the spots a little, but you have to keep using the product. As soon as you stop, the color comes back. And nothing I've tried completely fades them away. I've never tried any micro-dermabrasion products, though. I'd sure like to know if there's anything that really works on a permanent basis, short of cosmetic surgery!

Bellevue, KY(Zone 6a)

Leena, I just found this old thread with some helpful suggestions:


Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

Hi Kywoods

Thanks a lot , I'll try to find those products .

Now am using Franch oil from India and there's a little progress .

These dark spots comes from too much sun and I got them when I visited India .So , I think sun blocks are essential

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I was just talking to a friend a couple nights ago and she was telling me that she tried an avon product to remove dark spots from the side of her face & she was really happy with it, that within a week they were almost gone. Let me see if I can find it.
Yep, here it is. I had bookmarked the page because I want to get some for the spots I get on the back of my hands.
My avon gal puts her order in tomorrow, I will post after I try it to say whether it worked on my hands as well as it worked on my friends face.

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I'd love to know any natural cures for this. I have one large brown "mole" as I call it now, but two more are coming up. It's age. Peri-menopause women start getting these. Sun makes them worse. I'm going to try the Franch oil. I haven't heard of that one. I assume it's all natural. Most of the products like this from India are. Thanks for the tip. I wouldn't ever use anything Avon though... that stuff belongs in a dump for toxic chemicals in my opinion. It shouldn't ever kill you to look beautiful. My health is more important than my vanity.

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Are those dark spots raised or like freckles? if they are raised then cautery at plastic surgeons office. if they are flat looking like freckles go to a registered aesthestician and a micro dermabrasion .
I had all those done and I have smooth skin. also take time to do a good facial at night and sun block helps. Coconut oil is good for at night, but harsh for sun. a wide brim hat during summer also helps for healthy skin.


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Hey, I think putting cucumber slices really do work and can give positive results within some days.

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There are some pretty great products out there to make the dark spots go away. Personally I lean more towards natural products and have found some great natural products that have helped me.

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I had some weird spots on my neck when I was prescribed to take Adderall. Aren't you taking any similar drugs?

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Hey, Sally here! So I know that any medicine I have taken that alters my hormones (ie: my birth control) has always effected my skin in some way...it's so annoying!! What I have learned in recent years is that taking probiotics, and vitamins like vitamin C helps!

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Lack of sleep is a major issue in modern society. It arises from stressful and demanding work routine combined with the daily activities for which there is little time. Sleep deprivation causes numerous issues for the human body. These include dark spots, lethargy, loss of focus, dark circles, dull and sagging skin, hair loss and dandruff just to name a few. The body starts accumulating fat during stress from lack of sleep, which further deteriorates the beauty.
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