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CAMERA FACTS: Kodak Users Thread

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

Kodak Users post info here!

New Orleans, LA

Hi. I have a Kodak EasyShare Z650, 6.1 megapixels, 10X optical zoom. I want to upgrade to something that will give me better close-ups of flowers.

What new Kodak I should get ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Johnston, IA(Zone 5a)

Help! I'm in way over my head! A friend has a Kodak Easy Share camera complete with downloading cradle and software. He has been downloading willy-nilly for over a year all over his hard drive. Piles of folders are in My Pictures, (one inside another) and stacked elsewhere. But that's not the problem. The problem is that someone gave him a digital photo frame for Christmas. The mission is to try to get pictures out of the tangled web of the Kodak Easy Share program and onto either a Secure Digital or Compact Flash Memory card. (or especially on to a DVD!)
I have never worked with the Kodak program before and gave up after three hours of trying.
Any step by step advise would merit my everlasting praise and raise your status to Computer Guru.
Happy New Year!

New Orleans, LA

I think I know how you feel. I transfer photos from my camera to my PC's EasyShare program, and then later have a hard time finding them in that program. (I blame myself for not having taking the pains to learn the PC filing systems, a long time ago).

I've gotten a lot of help, however, from Kodak's website "EasyShare Gallery Support: Contact Us". There I e-mail questions, and then most o f the time I get back detailed answers that solve my problems. I get them at :


Good luck, and lots of happiness in the new year.

Johnston, IA(Zone 5a)

Thanks Pinetreesa,
I'll give that a try.

Mount Pleasant Mills, PA(Zone 5a)

Do any of you Kodak users have any thoughts to offer up on the new Kodak Z1012 IS superzoom. I believe it will be released in April of 2008?


(Audrey) Dyersburg, TN(Zone 7a)

I have a new Kodak Easyshare C713 camera. I have no trouble taking photos, or getting them into MY Pictures, but I want to show them on another forum, and I don't know how. Hellllllp!!

Barstow, CA(Zone 9a)

Replying to Doe41 (Audrey). So easy to upload a photo from your "My Pictures" directory to DG. When you're preparing your DG message (forum, blog, journal, whatever) there is almost always a thing at the bottom of the message writing space that says "Image:" with a "Browse" button next to the open space for "Image:" Click on that "browse" button and go through your directory structure to get to the "My Pictures" directory. Click on the photo that you want to include with your post/message/whatever to highlight it. Then click on "open" which puts the directory location information into the previously blank "Image:" area. Finish writing your whatever and go through the "Preview" and then "Send" sequence to post it. As you will see when you "Preview", the photo is being included with your post. May take awhile to get that original photo upload done, some waiting time while DG does the actual upload, but other than that very very simple and straight forward.

(Audrey) Dyersburg, TN(Zone 7a)

I'm trying now. I'm having trouble with DG opening anything! I think I found the pic, but DG wont open it.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Kind of "lost" here--to many topics being addressed....

I had a Kodak Easy Share camera--the dock and the installed Program to upload all my pictures, etc...etc.....

Well--after a couple of years, I found out that this Kodak program was EVERYWHERE on my hard seemed to be very invasive. I had my SIL remove it all--BUT, I took pictures once with my old Kodak camera ( I had meanwhile gotten a new digital camera) and, because I had to use the different USB Port cable to upload them-- the Program re-installed itself. Now I have the icon on my Desk top and also in my bottom tool-bar.
I DO NOT like Programs that want to monopolize your computer system!

That is also why I got rid of Norton! AND--after trying out, only ONCE!, the animation icons of Smileys and all them other "things" offered in (????--Senior moment....) the other e-mail provider, they invaded all my other programs. Like a cancer.......

There are just Programs that "invade" everything......and I hate it! Seems you can never uninstall them without serious "surgery"......
Of course--I no longer use/have either.......


Barstow, CA(Zone 9a)

replying to Gitagal of Baltimore, MD (Zone 7a):
Yup, that's the way Other People's Programs really are. They invade everything, make war against and block the needed activities of useful programs from others than themselves, and install "defenses" on your computer that can then be used as real time glitches in how your computer works. Worst of all are the perennial "updates" which never work as well as the old versions, leave out essential functions that were the reason you had them in the first place, and take hours if not forever to get to function at all in their lowered version of functionality.

In some ways it makes me happy that I'm a "One Percenter". Way back *before* the classic DOS version 3.30 :), I didn't like Other People's Programs for what I wanted to do. So I spent a lot of time and energy learning how to explain to the computers what *I* wanted them to do (at the time there were only about "one percent" of computer owners who even tried to program them, now it's a lot fewer). I'm not surviving on all fronts, as a result of that effort, because many gangs have been strenuously endeavoring to defeat human beings having any control at all of our own equipment. But I'm doing better than I would have been if I had "trusted" other people's programs to take over my computer and thereby a chunk of my life.

On the photos front, the real secret is having one of those chip readers that obviates ever having to use ANY programs to get photos moved from your camera to your computer. Memory chip plugs into the chip reader plugs into a slot on your computer and bingo! you just copy the contents of that attached device to wherever *you* want them.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

replying to bgrumbin
i'm gita new sil
I to am from the long ago age of dos. you are right about new software.
I enjoyed reading you views on how to work around programs that try to make it easy but take over what they want, not what we want.

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