Overhead light does not stay on

Missouri City, TX


Had an overhead fixture that suddenly started turning itself off. Thought it was the bulb, so replaced and it came on - a few minutes later it was off again.

Took the stitch apart - NOT the switch.

Took the overhead fixture loose from the mounting box, but did not undo the wiring. There was a buildup of debris on top of the wires and on one side of the porcelin.

Cleaned off the debris - light worked correctly. Reattached to the box.

Building is over 25YO and I'm sure noone had ever removed the fixture (could tell by the paint color under it).

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

So do you think it is fixed for good? I had done some wiring in our basement of the last house and had some problems with one of the lights after a few months. Wiggled all the wires to see if they were firmly attached and the problem went away. But it came back a few weeks later. Finally traced it to a break in the wire where a large staple held the wiring in place. Took the staple out and spliced the wire at that location (put in a junction box at that location) and never had the problem again.

Missouri City, TX

With this building, there are hidden surprises everywhere. My challenge is do solve each problem with as little expense as possible.

Water damage, termite damage, vines growing into the walls - I've seen it all. But the city fathers will NOT let us replace the building, so gotta keep it together as best I can.

The fun part is being able to use all my tools (and buy more when required).
So now I can level a house, reroof or re-side it, rewire it, or replace plumbing.

Really enjoy taking DW with me to The Woodworking Shows. She bought me the Fein Multi-Master.

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