basic trellis and fences for roses

Floyd, VA(Zone 6b)

This spring I will plant several climbing roses. I have been looking at options that I might do or hire someone to put up. I am not talking about arches and arbors, just vertical supports of the cheapest, simplest varieties.

I have a workshop with a blank wall. I thought I would use eye-bolts and air plane wire for two climbers there. I will plant one to over-run a tree, and besides that I will have several others. Things I have considered are:
posts connected with heavy chains
lattice connected to strong vertical supports to make a double lattice width.
copper as a medium for a trellis
PVC as a medium as a trellis
posts for shorter climbers

Does anyone have any suggestions that seem as though they would be easy and supportive? The roses will be the real show, not the trellises.

Missouri City, TX

I have used eye-screws with cheap small eye galvanized chain to give the plant something to hang on to, Have also used pvc to make a tall rack for gourds - did not care if they produced or not - wanted the shade from their leaves - worked, too.

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College Station, TX(Zone 8b)

I used cattle fence to make an arbor for my morning glories. Would that maybe work for you as well? It's about 16' long. If you simply hung it.... Just an idea.


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