Dying Bromeliads

Deer Park, TX(Zone 9a)

I had a couple of Bromeliads that just died from the bottom with rot. They did not have the same "root" like I have on some others that I have had for years.
Possibly I need to plant them in a sandier soil. One was inside and the other was outside in shade. The ones I have had are in containers in regular potting soil and only watered them here and there. They do not take that much care. I did have some in shade and they were deeper green than those in more sun.
Help Me Please! Why are the others rotting?

The ones I have had for awhile were: Aechmea fasciata.
One that rotted was Guzman (? spelling)
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Winter Park, FL

Hey Macybee ..............

I use a mixture of 2/3 orchid seedling potting mixture and 1/3 humus. Bromeliads want a mixture that drains fast, allows aeration - and stays slightly moist. I also pot everything in clay orchid pots - the ones with the slits in the sides. This allows for as much watering as I want - without drowning them

When you mix garden soil with shade - you get very wet conditions that promote rot. Remember that most bromeliads are epiphytes ......... they grow on trees - where the roots never sit in water.

Your Guzmania may have just run it's natural life span - and not thrown any pups. Did it ever flower ........ and how long have you had it?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!


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