Does your garden landscape have a "name"?

East Wenatchee, WA(Zone 5b)

I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone, besides me, gives their garden landscape a name and perhaps why they choose that particular title. I have named the plant scaped 1/2 acre I live on, the "Great Pond Circle". That was choosen partially because the street we live on is a Circle St. and the center of attraction in my backyard is a pond and to those who visit this place think it's great. For good measure, my DG name, frogbutterfly is derived from my nickname,"Frogman", aka, ex scuba diver, parachutist and the tatoo of a frog on my left hand. My wifes legal middle name is Butterfly, related to the positive changes shes gone thru in life after she met me. And, of course, there is a butterfly tattoo on my right hand. So, that is my store in a nutshell. What might yours be? Do share!!!!

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Lick Creek, IL(Zone 6b)

Sometimes I refer to my 80 acres as " Heathen Haven". Last name is Heath so the Heathen part comes naturally enough. As a single parent I've raised my seven sons here so its been a haven for lots of young Heathens. It's also been a haven from my work as a therapist at a Mental Hospital.

I've got some frog tatoos on my rt arm, lizards too. Love those little guys.

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