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UPDATE: Reveal pics are ready! My gourd "scraping" project..

Clinton, IL(Zone 6a)

Just thought I'd share, now, about 1 week later, how the "scraped" gourds are doing, and how well they turned out compared to the heavily-molded gourds I tried to scrape/clean at the same sitting...

The first image shows four frames, with the first ones illustrating how I do it (using backedge of kitchen "butter knife"); you can easily see the "skin" as it scrapes off in peels and hunks. Then, I took a pic of the finished gourd, just after scraping. Finally, a new pic of the same gourd, but days later -- a happy, golden, well-dried and ready for crafting piece!
Not every "scraped" gourd will react and dry/cure this speedily, however. I'm sure it all depends on the stage it's at (just before mold "takes over" is when I like to do it), the size, where the gourd is residing during the curing phase (mine are all inside now, in cooler, darker areas of the house), etc.
I can say, however, that I have only lost ONE gourd (well, besides one I soaked too long) after "scraping", and THAT specimen was ALREADY an "iffy", with some oozing going on near a softer neck... and with that one, I was HOPING my scraping would help to SAVE it. Four days later, the oozing was worse, the stink was incredible (ever get so busy you forget a lidded pan of mac n cheese on the stovetop, and lift the lid a day or two later? yep, that's it...), and that gourd is back out on the porch again, to live with whatever fate has in store for it...


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