can u root Azalea bushes from a cutting??

Brooklet, GA(Zone 8a)

Yes you can root azeala's from cutting. I just take the cutting remove all leaves but top two or three dip in rooting medium and insert into regular potting soil. keep the pot out of the baking sun and do not let it dry out. I usually sit mine into a solid plant tray and keep it with water. they main thing is do not let it dry out. Mine rooted in about a month or so.

I have a new Azalea bed with 18 plants which was put together in the spring. Two white ones (the only white ones I had) didn't make it. My questions are: should I replace the two now or wait until spring? I want to cover the bed for winter because Oklahoma has such crazy weather, should I use pine bark mulch or cottonseed hulls? I understand I should feed now, what is the best product to use. I use Miracle-Gro on just about everything, is that okay or should I use a granulted food? Thanks -

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

This is from

Plant in acid soil in filtered sunlight or light shade, although plants tolerate full sun in cool, summer areas. Use soil rich in organic matter, which retains water and drains quickly. Plant in fall or spring with the top of the root ball slightly above the soil level. Water immediately after planting and spread a generous layer of mulch. Fertilize after flowering ends but before July 4. Never prune after mid-summer because those branches produce the next season's flowers. Never cultivate the surface soil near Azaleas. Spray to control lace bugs and petal blight. Susceptible to Chlorosis, yellowing foliage while leaves remain green. Although this signals an iron deficiency, the trouble isn't a shortage of iron in the soil, but rather the plant's inability to get iron because soil is waterlogged or poorly aerated.

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West Palm Beach, FL

I was visiting my daughter in Tallahassee, (almost Georgia) and noticed her Azaleas had new growth, but the leaves were curled. What could this be?

Rock Island, IL(Zone 5b)

Re: Tallahassee, most-likely herbicide damage in Florida if you didn't check the curled leaves for insects to be inside.

The original poster - wherever you live will depend greatly on what to do.


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