My kitchen is done!

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Ok, it's not DONE, but this phase of it is done at least. I still want new countertops and a new sink, plus new flooring. BUT, the kitchen cabinets are finally UP!!

First, I scraped all of the popcorn off the ceiling and painted it. Then, for the cabinets, I TSP'd, I sanded medium, I sanded fine, then I primered twice. I did two coats of "Latte" then glazed them with "Mocha." Finally, I did 3 coats of Polycrylic, front and back. I started in October and finished at the end of Dec., so what I thought might be a 2, maybe 3 week project turned into 2.5 months, but hey, I'm happy with how it turned out. I did all the lowers first, then started on the uppers.

My microwave CONVENIENTLY broke while I was painting the uppers! I think my husband truly believed I did something to it, but I didn't. We will be getting a nice new, stainless micro soon and I can't WAIT! I also got a new light fixture that coordinates with the one in the dining room. :-)

So, tell me what you think!
Thanks for following along and for all the advice, I TRULY appreciate it!!!!!!!!

Robin ;-D

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Very nice Robin! Doesn't it feel good to be done?

You're going to laugh, but my holiday project has been painting my kitchen cabinets, and I did a very similar color scheme on mine--Navajo White base coat with mocha glaze! I still need to put on a coat or two of poly and then put the kitchen back together, but I'll have some pics of mine up in a few days.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Very nice!! I knew you would get done eventually!!

Lubbock, TX(Zone 7a)

Great job-Very lovely!!!
Now can you re-do mine? LOL

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

As usual I'm late to the party!! Way to go Robin! It looks great! I cannot believe that's the same room!!

Lubbock, TX(Zone 7a)

Hey I just noticed!!! Is that Red Velvet Cake on the left side?? Yum!

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Aww, thanks, guys! (grinning)

Terry/Ecrane, you guys were a HUGE help. Thanks so much.

Yes, that's Red Velvet Cake on the counter. There was more that morning, but my 4-year old drug a chair up to the counter and helped herself. lol! I shaved little Andes mints on top of the buttercream. YUM!!

In front of the coffee maker, I laid a sample of the Wilsonart DeepStar Bronze that I'd like to put in. I still want the "anthracite" silgranit sink as well.

What do you think - knobs or no knobs? My husband says no, but I think that's just because he doesn't want to help me install them. I've already bought them and they are just the bronzey version of the silver ones I put in the bathroom.

Gotta go grab lunch - have a weee bit of a hangover today. ;-D

Thanks again, everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I'd vote for knobs, my cabinets look a lot like yours and didn't used to have knobs, but I think it was a big improvement to put them on. Plus having knobs will help keep the cabinets from getting dirty as fast or the paint from wearing out as quick because people will grab the knob to open them instead of having to grab the cabinet itself.

Lubbock, TX(Zone 7a)

I think my vote is for handles. And much easier to open that way?
From reading this I realized you had another thread with before pics. Your kitchen was nice before but I bet it's much brighter in there now and you can probably do a lot more with it. I wish my cabinets had the routing in them like yours. But mine are circa 1950! Just rounded edges and 58 years of paint color changes. LOL

Houston, United States(Zone 9b)

I vote knobs. I'm always surprised at homes that don't have them, our last home was new and of course that's one of the few features the builder avoids to save a buck. Knobs keep the cabinets from getting dirty and scuffed on the corners as you open and close them and add appeal to! We put some on our own cabinets and we're to hard to do.

I love the soft green color on the walls!

Are you going to slowly upgrade all appliances to be stainless? I started a thread in appliances asking about this issue: do they all have to match/does it really only matter for resale and do appliances all have to be same manufacturer? No replies yet.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

On the appliances--personally I think it looks best if they all match. But unless it bothers you personally that they don't, then it only matters when you go to sell the house--as long as you're living there it's really whatever makes you happy (or what you can tolerate until you have more money!) That being said, this house and my old one both came with all the appliances off white but the dishwasher was black and that really didn't factor into my purchase decision. I don't think the manufacturer matters at all as long as the colors match and the styles are similar (not some funky retro 50's range combined with a sleek modern fridge, etc). Some people prefer to have all their things from the same manufacturer, but if you're thinking about resale I think that's a much less important factor than having all the appliances the same color. The only advantage I can see of getting everything from the same manufacturer is if you can get some kind of discount for buying a set of appliances vs each one individually.

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

Yes on the knobs (or pulls or both ;)). I saw an episode of something the other night on HGTV and they didn't have knobs or pulls on the cabinets. My reaction is always that it's not finished.

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Thanks for the responses! I think I'll go with the knobs. I like them. :)

Thanks, TirNaNog, I like the green too. Took some getting used to it, but it's a great color which I think is very suitable to a kitchen/dining area. :)

On the appliances, right now, we can barely afford to fix stuff that is broken, (like the microwave), so we're not able to replace stuff that is still working just fine, like the fridge, stove and dw. However, I CERTAINLY will be going stainless if anything else breaks. :) Does anyone have a preferred brand?? I would like to replace the stovetop so that I could have a solid surface styled stove. It is basically extra counter space and gets LOTS of crumbs, etc on it. Seems I'm always cleaning it. Also, I'd love to get a new fridge at some point just because it is so visible from the living room. A nice new one would be great.

I like this one:

but THIS ONE has more bells and whistles. It has CONVECTION and a stainless interior.

It's also $600 even at our local store. I have heard people say that when they got a convection oven, they used it more often than their stove, and saved on energy in the process. I really have a hard time using the oven in the summertime. It hits triple digits all the time in Oklahoma and I can't stand to use the oven in a house with the ac cranked, you know?

So, any thoughts on convection? Worth the extra bucks??

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Knobs. Like terry says it looks finished. Plus saves on wear and tear.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

GE is a good brand of appliances. Have some here at home and at work and no problems at all with them.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

My old house came with a GE Advantium oven and honestly in 3.5 yrs of living there I used the convection feature once, maybe twice, the rest of the time I used it just as a microwave. But I think I would have used it more if I'd had good directions on how to convert cooking time in the regular oven to cooking time in the Advantium. I'm sure if you bought one new it would come with more info than what I inherited (and if I cooked more or weren't so lazy I could have looked it up on the internet and probably found everything I needed!)

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Pepper! I notice in the mid-range new homes around here, they often remark on "GE appliances." Sometimes GE Profile, but not always.

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Hey Ecrane,

Look what I found:

Seems like this would be a great replacement to my old nasty toaster oven!

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

My mom has 2 convections ovens, yes 2 of them. One wall and one with the stove. The only time they're used on convection is when we bake cookies. No other time is it ever used. I still say that if I could do it again, I would not get stainless steel. I hate the cleaning part of it. Or should I say the fact that it never looks clean. It's more of a cloudy/streaky/finger/palm mark look. It scratches really easy too. One swipe going the wrong direction and it's scratched. The SS "cleaner" might clean the SS (sort of), but get it on the timer area of either micro and stove and what a slimy awful mess it is to try and clean off.

I've had a toaster oven since I moved out of my parents house and I wouldn't live without one! This one is real similar to what I have

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

There are some newer versions of stainless steel that have a thin coating over top of the SS to prevent fingerprints, etc. Especially with children I'd recommend looking for those, you'll probably pay a little extra but it'll be worth it! And this may sound silly, but when I eventually decide to spend the $$ to upgrade my kitchen to stainless, I'm going to the store with a bag of chips and some cleaning wipes. I plan to munch some chips, make some greasy fingerprints on a few appliances, and then see which ones actually clean up nicely. That'll be the one I buy!

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

Good luck. I wasn't going to spend the outrageous amounts they wanted for those models though. This was not even 3 yrs ago and the prices were really up there. Not a little, but a lot more $$. My stove and micro are really nice models, I just can't take the SS.

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Hey ecrane, I like that idea! I'm sure my kids will be more than happy to help with that little experiment! lol! The GE I posted a link to had a smooth silver plastic feel to it. We looked at it in store. It seems like a matte finish that I do think would be really easy to clean. But your test seems like a perfect way to know for sure. :)

Terry, that's a really nice toaster oven! I am really big on having hot food. I microwave plates and little items all the time, everyone pokes fun at me for it. So I like to melt things in a toaster oven, but with how LITTLE counter space we have here, I was wondering if it would maybe be better to try and do it all in a micro. What is it about the convection that causes people to not use it? Is it loud/difficult to figure cooking times/burns quickly or what?

Thanks guys!

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

Robin, I know when I was looking, some manufacturers had a SS look, but they weren't SS. Just like black is painted on, so is this SS paint, but it's not really SS. But it looked cheap and I just didn't like it. I wish I had done ecrane's trick...because the 2 I have sure wouldn't be sitting in my kitchen right now! I like the toaster oven for broiling things also. The reason we don't use the convection is really because you cook things for a different length of time. We usually end up burning at least a pan or 2 of cookies when we do use it. My mom didn't inherit these, she bought them. It's not really loud, but there is a fan in the GE that runs when the oven has been on for awhile. It's supposed to be more even cooking, but mom does turkeys in them using just the regular oven too. Yes, turkeys...she always cooks 2. 1 smoked and 1 regular, always fresh, not☺

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Terry, you are right, the SS "look" seems cheaper to me. That part I didn't like, but I was thinking of the cleanliness factor. I love silver and think I would really prefer the overall look of SS over black or bisque.

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

I like the look too, but I've had a love affair with black for quite a few years now. So black would be fine with me ☺

I'm in the middle of urethaning a DVD/VCR cabinet I've had for a long time. Just pine, nothing to write home about. I've wanted it black since '02 and I've finally painted it, now to just finish up with the urethaning! That stuff, the urethane, takes 24 HOURS to dry!! Longer when it's cold! And it's cold!!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

LOL. Getting close to hitting single digits here. Then warming up tomorrow to a whopping 38*. LOL!

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Wonderful cabinets!

Is the counter surface you want a brown? I love the green walls too, but you do need something brown to pull out the mocha color in the grooves in your cabs. Have you seen the new "rubbed bronze" appliance color? I just saw it on a home show yesterday! You could combine that with some stainless appliances. You know they will do stainless and bronze conbo before long!

I love knobs too...mine are rubbed bronze, and I love them. That color will look great with your glaze color.

If hubby doesn't want to help (mine NEVER DOES) just do it yourself. I always repeat my "mantra": I can do anything a man can do."

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Where did everyone go on this thread? haha
I guess once the project was finished, everyone went "home"! :-)
I just re-skimmed the original thread (hubby commandered the big TV so I came here to sulk!) and it's interesting how the discussion vacillated from dark cabinets to light....etc.

I couldn't decide so I did natural wood on the top and black (rubbed through to natural wood) on the bottom!!

Nantucket, MA(Zone 7a)

robin_joey, Nice job, I am glad you did the light cabinets with the sage green, black and white. Very clean, crisp and bright. Nothing jarring or overly dramatic which is very smart if you are still thinking about selling in the near future. What a big effort and done so well. Hire yourself out and thrust your style. It is good. I hope expressing my professional opinion is OK. I look forward to your future undertakings. People like you will put me out of business. You go girl. And what did you do to the microwave? Patti

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Hi everyone,

Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet.

My husband wants a divorce. I spend most of my time getting out my frustrations on a message board related to that. Heh...c'est la vie, right?

I've never gotten a new microwave and still don't have knobs on. I hope to before too long though.

I have two places where the paint is chipping and I don't know how to fix it. Otherwise, I am happy overall with the look. The "red" would have been MUCH easier to apply though. :( And cover spots and drips better, but I do enjoy the "lightness" of everything. Now that I'll be getting divorced, I probably won't bother updating the countertops and sink, but maybe when I get on my feet in the next year or two, if I find I'll be staying here I might do it to make me happy, not so much for resale.

Any opinions on what type of microwave to buy? I really want stainless steel.

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

I've had oh-so-many microwaves over the years, and they all seem fine to me. I think I'd just find one to fit the "hole" and get stainless steel and go for the look. But then I don't COOK in mine...just defrost and heat stuff. Any others want to add to this or disagree?

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Robin, so sorry to hear about your divorce, I've been there and it's definitely not fun but hopefully it's for the best in the long run. (((hugs)))

For your microwave, I'd recommend finding when the last time was that Consumer Reports reported on microwaves and read that to get a list of good brands. Then you have to realize that not all stainless is created equal in terms of how easy it is to get it clean and keep it looking decent...I've seen some that no matter what it has fingerprints everywhere and looks horrible and are hard to clean, and then there are others that look good most of the time and are easy to clean when you do get a few smudges. So what I'm going to do when I finally decide to get my stainless appliances is go to the store with a bag of chips, a roll of paper towels, and a bottle of cleaner. Then I'm going to make greasy fingerprints on the appliance I'm interested in, and see how easy it is to clean. I'm sure the people at the store will think I'm a little weird, but I am NOT going to end up with one of the ones that doesn't clean up well. (I know there are some SS appliances that have some sort of plastic coating over them to prevent the smudges...those tend to be more expensive, but I know there are some plain SS things without the coating that will clean up decent, you just need to test them out first to see which ones are which)

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)

Ecrane....I didn't think of that. I have a stainless steel (SS) frig that is Frigidaire "Gallery" brand, a SS icemaker that is Scotsman, a SS microwave that is Viking, and a partly SS range/oven that is also Viking and none of them show fingerprints! I've always wondered about people talking about that. I guess I no longer have kids around who might have potato chip grease on their fingers...? Anyway, no fingerprints that I see! I guess that IS a concern if youngins are around, however.

Also, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mrs. Meyers' brand SS cleaner (that comes in Lavender, Geranium, Sage, Basil ; these don't smell exactly like the herbs...but have them added to other scents) so much that I probably clean my SS more than needed just 'cause it makes my kitchen smell soooo good! I buy it at my local HEB grocery store, but I'll bet stores in other areas carry it as it's made in Minneapolis, MN. Check on it at if you wish. I also use the companion dish soap, cat box deoderizer, floor cleanser, granite countertop spray cleaner, cleansing cloths, etc.

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Thank you, ecrane. :)

I definitely remember that advice being discussed. I can make smudges on certain floor models just by grabbing them with my hands.

Also, I want the smudges to be able to be removed with a damp sponge, maybe with a bit of dishsoap or cleanser on it, since that is the typical way that I wipe things down. I don't use a spray every time I wipe.

I like Target's Method brand. (that is where i buy it at least - I think I've seen it elsewhere.) I like the lavender smell. Never have come across Mrs. Meyers, but I'll keep my eyes peeled. Sounds very nice! I would love the basil or sage! It would match my green walls so nicely!

Austin, TX(Zone 8b)


Actually, the basil liquid is amber color and the label of the container is a turquoise-ish green-blue color!

You sound like addition to the product being Good and Smelling Good, it needs to MATCH the kitchen colors! (((smile))))!!

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

I've been having some health issues and just now reading this. I'm so sorry about the divorce. Never been there and done that as others have, my sister has though. FWIW, my micro is an Amana. No bells, no whistles, it does what I want though and it's stainless. I'm really glad I didn't go with the ss dishwasher. Our daughter "forgot" the door was opened, got something out of the fridge, turned without looking, tripped and fell on the door. The rollers on the bottom holder are busted and I fear the hinges are as well. I almost got 3 yrs. out of it. ;(

((((((hugs to you and your children))))))

Oklahoma City, OK(Zone 7a)

Thanks, Terry,

I'm so sorry about the health issues. Yes, we went to see a lawyer yesterday. Unfortunately, he said he wants to see other people, and I see he has already started. (Lied to me about a hotel room.) Oh well, I am STILL trying to make it amicable. It's his loss!

WELL . . . on to other topics! I got a microwave! YEA! He installed it last night. Because of the divorce, I had to pay for it mostly myself, but I don't care. It makes me happy!

It has convection, which will be new for me, but I am very "anti-oven use" all summer long, so maybe this will make it easier to cook some during the warmer months.

Besides the convection, the tone of the stainless has just a touch of "champagne" to it. Not as much of a whitish silver as the other models. It's subtle, but I love it. I haven't even used it yet. The kitchen is a mess, but I'll get it all spruced up and try to take a pic.

Hey Terry, remember those bathroom cabinets that I painted "sample squares" on the back of? They're STILL off the hinges! I want to finish these projects up asap. I finished scraping the popcorn about 2 days ago. Yes, it had been left unfinished this whole time! Well, I need to get to work on those. I was unsure how to remove the paint I had applied to the back (the samples). Suggestions?

Great to talk to you again, Terry. Hope you're doing better.

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

Gosh Robin, I'm so very sorry ;( You are 100% correct in that it his loss! Not done that with a husband, but I did with a fiance, so sort of been there done that. It hurts, but it too shall pass. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger☺

I like the new micro! I really hope you like the ss, if I could do it over again, I'd just stick with black. I just can't clean the ss, no matter the cleaner. Our daughter rests her palm on the ss right beside the handle and it won't budge. think you'll like the convection. I'm not sure it helps with the heating aspect, but then again, it doesn't work or heat like an oven, correct? Personally I love a grill for spring, summer and fall. Too much snowfall to be using one in the winter. You'll get everything in order Robin, just take your time and allow yourself to do what you can, when you can.

For the backs, with small kids I wouldn't recommend any stripper of any sorts. How about sanding it off with your palm sander? It's worked for me on the pillars upstairs on the balcony that I couldn't just slop on stripper. I had a lot of paint to go thru, years worth, but it came off down to the bare wood. Such satisfaction! LOL Don't use fine, but use something like medium and go slow. When it's almost off, switch to fine, so you don't gouge or leave fine scratches in the wood.

I'll shoot you an d-mail and send you my e-mail address. Watch for it please.

I am doing better, thank you. Just so weak from so long of inactivity.

You know, I forgot something else. You said the doors paint is chipping? You applied Polycrylic to it? That's confusing to say the least. I did read the other day, can't remember where now though, but when painting cabinets it said to use exterior paint. I'm not clear on why, it seems they thought it would hold up better. I honestly don't get the chipping part if it has Polycrylic on them. I just wonder if the paint was all the way dry when the Polycrylic was applied? Just a guess on my part of course. My painted cabinet, with Polycrylic on top hasn't chipped at all. Just makes me go hmm....and makes me feel bad too!

Oklahoma City, OK

Hello all! Just stopping in to say hello! I'm no longer "robin_joey"...that grumpy husband is gone and I'm now "RobinDz"! :-D

I DID use my palm sander to just buff the paint off those cabs, then I did a beautiful dark stain in my bathroom. I will try and take pics and start a new thread, maybe in bathrooms.

I haven't been here in so long, but was thinking about doing some more little projects and came back to see how exactly I had done things before... ha ha!

Thank you again for all the advice I received! It was fun and I learned a LOT! Next is the kids bedrooms!! ;-D

Bureau County, IL(Zone 5a)

Hey Robin!! Welcome back!!

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