Hotness now a legal issue?

Seale, AL(Zone 8b)

I been seeing around the intrnet for sevral days now where some places are havign to have folks sign waivers on eating hot wings because of reactions and medical problems from the hotness burning.

I wonder, doe s anybody list the scoville hotness on their peppers they selling or do they plan too?

Just wonderd what if any legalitiies might be if ya just tell people at market those peppers are mild, hot, very hot and real sweaters.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Really? I wonder if that isn't more of a publicity stunt than anything else... our peppers are so hot that you have to sign a medical waiver before we'll serve them to you! Then again, I sure wouldn't pop a red sevina pepper into my mouth! I always tell people to wear gloves when handling the chiles from my garden, but I don't sell at market, just give them away to friends.

Algonac, MI

If someone can sue a fast food restaurant due to being burned by hot coffee which the person ordered and peppers may also be in civil court soon.
That's what is great about the USA....we can sue anybody for anything.

Missouri City, TX

Several years ago, I was working in Des Moines, IA. A local "landmark" Big Daddy's BBQ, has 8-10 different hot sauces, but you must sign a waver if you want to try the top two. He has a wall of hospitalized victims.

The owner is from the "islands" and imports the peppers and spices he uses. Great food and reasonable prices. He also cooks desserts that sell for donations only, and all of the money collected goes to local food banks.

I tried #3 on my BBQ - good thing the rental car was a Caddie that week - took 20 minutes for me to be "normal" enough to get out and go to my hotel room. (And, I grow and eat hot peppers all the time).

He as a super offer on the menu - For $100, If you an eat one of his sandwiches with HIS choice of sauces and keep it down for 30 minutes, it will prepare sandwiches for 200-500 people anywhere in the US for $2 each.

Several customers have succeeded, but their stories on the wall make for some "fun" reading. Several bottles of liquid charcole, etc.

Seale, AL(Zone 8b)

That what bad about down wher eI am at. Folks always gotta be suing evrybody else. What ever happenign to pig and bean pickings, helpign your neighbors brign in their crops , sitting on a crate on an old porch and listening to the old timers tell storie s over a cool glas s of lemonade and a handshake was all ya needed instead of a 20 page document fine toothed over by a bunch of lawyrs. Some days I wish I back in those days. ( sigh! )

Bubba... LOL That so funny. : ) Thanks for the chuckles this morning needed them.

Missouri City, TX

The "South" is not that much different from the "Midwest" where I grew up.

A handshake was as good as a written contract. Farmers would share equipment and "hands" to do whatever was required - plow, plant, harvest, and even store excess hay for each other.

I remember one summer in Missouri - we had finished with the hay harvest for the day and the farmer was taking us to town to get a drink - soft drinks for us youngsters and beer for the older hands. On the way, we found another crew trying to get all the hay in a barn before dark and the coming rain. Stopped the truck and we all just pitched in - on one asked us to, it was just the right thing to do. The extra help made fast work of the project, so they joined us in town.

North Hills, CA

Cons in the prison yard.
What ya in for?
#1 con"My Chile con carnie was too hot"

#2con " buffalo chicken wings"

#3 con" hot sauce "

#4con "possesion of Habaneros "

#5 con " possesion of a bottle of insanity sauce without a permit"

#6 con" bootlegging hot sauce".....

Missouri City, TX

Smokemaster, don't you dare tell "da man" where we pepper bellys really hang out - lol.

We have an annual hot-sauce festival just outside Houston - over 50 vendors of "light your fire" sauces, and many more for other items - long lines at all the beer booths, tho.

Seale, AL(Zone 8b)

You all!!!!!!! : ) Ya know how hard it is to hold your sides from laughing while choking and sputtering on yoru coffee at the same time.

Clean up in cell block 3

Helena, MT

A friend worked for Taco Tico and one day I told him his extra hot sauce was too "Gringo". Next day he prepare my burrito with an eighth inch layer of hot pepper paste and I was force to eat the whole thing. Even ice cream didn't help the burn. For three days I walked like a cowboy too long in the saddle.

I collect hot pepper seeds and supposedly some are banned from import, which I don't entirely believe. Besides banning only makes for a black market which obviously can get around any FDA regulations. Has anyone heard of a ban on any particular hot peppers or their seeds?


North Hills, CA

On the seeds trade section there is a link to all plants that you can't import.
Found it for ya.
here is a link to link to a pdf.

Helena, MT

Interesting reading smokemaster...just wish I had some idea what the common name of some of these 'banned' pepper seeds are...much less the scientific name. I still find it interesting that people have plant seeds confiscated on air planes. I knew a guy that once smuggled native fish out of the country using thermos jugs and oxygenated water. Japanese in particular would pay high dollar for our fish. Doubt that this method would work today, but I still hear some interesting stories on how people smuggle things in and out of the country. One guy mixed marajuana with pipe tobacco...just remember to remove the seeds! Point is always some people who will always find ways to get around regs, and the more regs, the more tempting it becomes. Would have thought Proabition taught us a lesson.

North Hills, CA

You might be able to search the site for Capsicum to see what ones are prohibited.
Some seeds might be restricted because of where they came from-that place might have some virus or ? that they don't want to risk getting here.
The plant might be fine to grow though.
I've never heard of any pepper being invasive like Kudzu for instance.
Can't think of any reason to ban peppers except for diseases.
I think England doesn't want Pepper seeds to go out or In -I'm not sure which or if it's both.

Henderson, KY(Zone 6a)

Try getting hold of some Aleppo pepper seeds, you can't get them anywhere. I even tried to get several of my friends going to Syria to bring some back, and no dice. I got all kinds of other stuff, but no Aleppo.

Moberly, MO


Chatham, IL(Zone 5b)

There's a local guy here that has been providing true Yam slips for 68 years, from a tuber his sister brought from the caribbean when he was young. They grow like mad and produce five to seven pound tubers profusely. He is nearing 100 but makes sure he keeps a ready supply from his root cellar. Seed saving, or I guess tuber-saving, can pay off in the long run. More to the point, there are always old timers or new timers, that will keep the locals enjoying heirloom fun, you just might have to look a little harder to find the good stuff. Thanksgiving with giant yams, that are actually yams is more interesting when the history of a caring gardener is realized. Pepper heads are bound to follow the same mantra, we will always save seeds to share with other interested and hopefully "cautious" pepperheads. I had a friend from Romania bring over some salvia, that was outlawed, and having seeds in her front pocket never raised any suspicion. It now grows unabated around my power box and brings praise from friends. Keep trying and never give in to the impossibility of growing exotics. Just have the common sense to not let a non-native get loose.

Henderson, KY(Zone 6a)

Oh, I agree completely. I keep pestering my friends from Syria, every year they bring me something. This year I was promised some Aleppo. I'll believe it when I have the seeds in hand though. Tried the seeds from the crushed pepper from Penzie's. Three weeks now and no sprouts. They are still on the heating pad, and will be for at least two to three more weeks.

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