Upcoming Garden Show Season

Novato, CA

Though most of us are under several feet of snow or several inches of cold rainy weather , some of us are planning the upcoming gardening season.
I have plans to revise and augment the color scheme of my front entry garden and add more big bold foliage plants into the back yard.
I'm also planning to participate in a garden show this spring.
I know, call me crazy or just plain foolish. But I had major surgery last year and thought my working days were over and doing this garden show is sort of an affirmation that I am back in the saddle again.

The theme of my display/show garden is somewhat of a personal story. During the recovery phase after my surgery I spent a fair amount of time in my garden ( attached to an oxygen machine ), thankful that I had created a sanctuary type ambiance.
I truly feel that there were healing powers in the garden, as much as that may seem like a cliche'.

So I have designed a simple sanctuary style healing garden that is somewhat ethno-modern in style .
It includes a comfortable place to take a nap ( I did a lot of that while recovering ) a place for yoga, an outdoor hot water soaking tub , a shower and is fairly low in maintenance but yet has enough color and textural foliage to make you feel as though you are truly in a garden.

Below are a couple of sketches and some elements of the garden that I have been working on.
The show is coming up rather quickly so a lot of fabrication will be taking place in my studio ( aka the garage ) over the next 2 months so I'll be pretty busy . Also my DG membership due and I'm not sure I will renew it or not.
So, if anyone is in the San Francisco area in March, come on down to the Garden Show and say hello !
And any feed back on the display garden thus far would be greatly appreciated.


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