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Would someone be kind enough to post pictures?

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Jeanette; If I didn't know mine was a cucumber. I wouldn't recognize it yet. It still has just the first 2 leaves. Too tender to attempt a transplant. I still need to get a light to hang over the fish tank garden. Think I will invest in two of the grow lite bulbs for that. I have a timer that was for the pond lights. I think I will use that for the plants. Since I got rid of my fish, I have let the pond just sit. I had someone raid my pond twice. and took the number of Koi from around 100. down to 43. Figured the only way to stop him was to get rid of them myself. Let him find an empty pond. If I could have an Alligator I may have had a big surprise for him.
A little milder would be a motion detector to set off a 1/4 stick of Dynamite. But then I may have too much of the wrong kind of fertilizer for the garden.
Any way the garden is more down to earth than having colored Carp.
I may still use the pond though. Maybe for catfish. If I don't catch a big one, put the small ones in the pond to fatten up.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Russ, I ordered two lights. The kind that clamp onto something. Then they have the curly lights in them. i.e. Fleuorescent. One is Metal Halide and the other is the HSP or whatever. The MH is for growth and the other is for flowers and produce. Will see if they work. So far my cuke has not turned up it's toes. I know they don't like to be repotted.


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