College Station Spring Roundup-TRADES

Seguin, TX(Zone 8b)

Just a reminder that the date has been changed to Sat, April 12.

Here's the trade thread as requested. Post your haves and wants here!

:) Kim

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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

I will add a link to your trade list here ...just select your post for them by posting
"Trade list coming soon" etc.
Let me know if any of the links don't work also.

DawninTx :

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Hello Everyone, I am sorry that it took me this long to post my list, and i apologize.
I really can't remember what I have requested from people or what i have promised.
Please tell me if I have promised something and forgotten it, and i am going to count on you guys to remember if you promised something to me.

1 Mexican Plum tree, to WillisTexGarden
1 Hopt Tree seeds to Willis Tex
1 October Rose seeds to WillisTex
1 Penstemon tenuis, WillisTex
1 Vetiver Grass to Lindatx8
1 Carolina Cherry Laurel to Lindatx8
1 Carolina Cherry laurel to AJintexas
1 Cherry Laurel to Patrob
2 Elderberry to Bob
1 Elephant Garlic to Bob.
2 Penstemon tenuis to Trishann
2 Queen Anne's lace to Trishann
2 Frostweed to Trishgann

Promised to Cannagirl
2 Penstemon tenuis
2 Frostweed
2 Turks cap
2 Queen Anne's lace
1 Frogfruit
1 curry sage
1 Cherry laurel

Promised to Charlene
2 Penstemon Tenuis
2 Frostweed

2 Penstemon tenuis
2 Turk's Cap
4 Queen Anne's Lace (not native)
1 Texas thistle
1 Culinary sage, small
1 Redbud tree, potted.

O.K. here are some of my seeds.
Hibiscus coccineus, Texas Star, red- 5 packets
Hibiscus Manihot, Golden hibiscus, yellow- 2 packets
Hibiscus cannabinus, October Rose, Burgundy- 1 packets

Tree Seeds.
Hop Tree, Ptelea trifoliata 2 packets.
Western Soapberry Tree, Sapindus drummondii 2 packets.
Texas Paloverde Tree, Cercidium texanum 2 packets.
Rattle Bush, Sesbania drummondii 2 packets.

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College Station, TX(Zone 8b)

Ok Sheila, hope this is what I'm supposed to do.

Most of what I have are seeds. I'll be planting tomorrow. Most are from trades, but I will mark with * those that came from my things.


Purple double
Yellow double
Yellow triple


Cypress (mix of pink and white)
Morning Glory (mix)
Moonflower (white)
Grandpa Ott MG
Split personality
Scarlet O'hara

Hardy Hibiscus

Red Texas Star
Rose of Sharon (mix)
Hardy hib (unk color)
Yellow (almost cert. tropical)

Iris seeds (mix)
Iris clumps (purple flags)*
Iris seeds (yellow)


Stella D'Oro
Daylily (mixed crosses)I've no exp. w/these they're in fridge, I will try some but likely just give seeds I'm too scared of messing it up. lol

Dahlia (noid)
Dahlia - Bishop's Grandchildren

Ruellia Brittania (sp?) rooted*



Red - dwarf*
Yellow - tall*

Coreopsis Tickseed
Stokesia Purple Parasol
Turtlehead - pink
Turtlehead - unk color
Blue Flax
Dianthus - white
Dianthus - Clinic Pinks
Salvia "Coral Nymph"
Love in a Mist - purple
Love in a Mist - mixed
Columbine - Mix
Columbine - blue
Turks Cap (some variegated)*
Blanket Flower
Blazing Star
Hardy Geranium - Pratense Mix - mostly blue shades
Mini Sweet Pea
Sweet William Rose Pink
Cleome Color Fountain
Rain Lilies (unk color)
Cyclamin - lt pink and dk pink (will give all of these away don't think they'll grow outside and I don't do inside plants)
Daisy (Swant River Mix)
Cuphea - Tiny Mice
Lantana - Butter Yellow (upright)
Lantana Camara - Bright Red Hybrid
Lantana Purple Trailing
Knautia Mars Midget

Desert Willow
Cassia Alata (yellow "candelabra tree")

Plumbago - Bright Star - Leadwort
Butterfly Weed (yellow)*
Almond verbena * (cuttings)

Nasturtium (Dwarf I think)
Bachelor's Button

Can do cuttings of some Tropical Hibs. let me know if you're interested & I'll give a run down of what I have.

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

My goodness! you have a seed book? You are really organized.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm reserving a spot add stuff to as we go along!

Aloe maculata (syn.: Aloe saponaria) aka: Soap Aloe, African Aloe
Lace Cactus (Echinocereus reichenbachii)

Rhodophiala bifida - Oxblood Lily (a few still) (4 - Charlene , Trishann)
Crinum x "Ellen Bosanquet" (several ) (4 - Charlene, Trishann,AA?))
Crinum x herbertii-type (white w-pink to burgundy stripes) (Charlene, AA?)
Narcissus x odorus - ("Campernelle" Jonquil) - several (Ceejay - 2
bunches, Silverfluter - 2 bunches)
Zephyranthes candida - Fairy Lily, white rainlily (Trishann)
Narcissus "King Alfred" (these are from an old friend's homesite planted
over 35 yrs ago -hardy and does well here in 8a - sandy soil)
(Kim, Silverfluter)
Prairie Nymph (Herbertia lahue) a few mature bulbs - numerous seedlings
(Kim, Silverfluter, Linda, Josephine)

a couple of 1 yr old Loquat seedlings (Japanese Plum) (1- Kim-blue_eyes)
a couple of Tx. native Flatwoods Plum (Prunus umbellata) (1 - Linda,1 for
Bob- "Throneofyore")
a couple of Catalpa Trees (Catalpa bignonioides) (1 yr old)
1 - Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis) (1-2 ft. tall) (bookworm28)
1 - small Rough Leaf Dogwood (Cornus drummondi)GONE to AJNTEXAS

1 - Passiflora lutea (Yellow Passionflower) (for Kim blue_eyes)
**8-10 Passiflora lutea Seeds too

Alamo Vine Seed - (will try to have them started by RU time)

Standing Cypress seed (Ipomopsis rubra) (a few seedlings now)
(LindaTX8, AJ)

Ragin Cajun Ruellia - rooted cuttings (1-AuntAnne,1-LindaTX8,Charlene,AJ)
Salvia sinaloensis "Bicolor" (1-Kim, 1-Patricia, 1-Pattie)
Agastache "Honey Bee Blue" (1-Kim- blue_eyes,1- Pattie-pbtxlady,
and 1 - Patricia - patrob,1-Mary Lee(Silverfluter) )
Mexican Honeysuckle (Justicia spicigera) (Ceejay,Kim

White Texas Star Hibiscus (a couple of 1 yr olds)
Red Texas Star Hibiscus ( a couple of 1 yr olds)(AJ)
Cherokee Bean,Coral Bean (Erythrina herbacea) 2 tubers (AJ)
Turk's Cap - Malvaviscus drummondi - several of these (Charlene - 2,
1-Mary Lee(silverfluter))

"Silky Gold" Butterfly Weed seedlings (1 - Kim - blue_eyes, 2-Patricia-patrob)
"Silky Red" Butterfly Weed seedlings (1 - Kim - blue_eyes, 2-Patricia-patrob)
Asclepias tuberosa - (Butterfly Weed) 1-sm.plant -lots of seeds (plant & seeds for Josephine)

Red, Pink, & White Oleander rooted cuttings (red & white - Charlene)

Senna bicapsularis (Christmas Senna) (1- pbtxlady)


LindaTX8 : 1 - Flatwoods Plum
Alamo Vine Seeds/Plant
Standing Cypress Seeds/Plant
Herbertia lahue (Prairie Nymphs)
Ragin Cajun Ruellia

Charlenesplants: 4 - Oxblood/Schoolhouse Lilies (Rhodophiala)
4 - Crinum "Ellen Bosanquet"
4 - Crinum herbertii-type
2 - Turk's Cap (Malvaviscus)
6 - Pink Dbl Ruffle Conf. Rose cuttings
Red, Pink, White, Peach Oleander cuttings
1 - Ragin Cajun Ruellia

blue_eyes: 2 - Loquat/Japanese Plum seedling (1 yr old)
1 - Passiflora lutea vine (1 yr old))
1 - Salvia sinaloensis "Bicolor"
1 - Agastache "Honey Bee Blue"
1 - Asclepias "Silky Gold" Milkweed
1 - " "Silky Red" "
King Alfred daffodils
Prairie Nymphs (Herbertia lahue)
Mex. Honeysuckle

1 - Salvia sinaloensis "Bicolor"
1 - Agastache "Honey Bee Blue"
Senna bicapsularis (Scrambled Eggs)

Patrob: 2 - Asclepias "Silky Gold"
2 - " "Silky Red"
1 - Salvia sinaloensis "Bicolor"
1 - Agastache "Honey Bee Blue"
2 - Pink Confederate Rose starts

Ceejay : 2 - bunches of Campernelle (Narcissus x odorus)
Mexican Honeysuckle

Josephine: Asclepias Tuberose plant & seeds
Herbertia lahue

Silverfluter: 1 - Honey Bee Blue Agastache
1 - Turk's Cap
Herbertia lahue
King Alfred Daffs
Campernelle jonquils

bookworm28: 1 - Eastern Redbud Tree

Trishann : Soap Aloe, Zeph. candida, Rhodo. bifida, Ellen Bosanquet

AuntAnne - Ragin Cajun Ruellia, Crinums

AJNTEXAS - Rough-Leaf Dogwood, Standing Cypress, Ragin Cajun Ruellia,
Cherokee Bean tuber, Red Tx Star Hibiscus, Mex. Honeysuckle

KARLAE - Plumerias, plants & cuttings

Throneofyore - Bob Flatwoods Plum


LindaTX8: Mexican Milkweed
Cedar Sage
Tx Green Eyes
Esc. Black Cherry

Charlenesplants: Cedar Elm
Tropicanna Phaison

blue_eyes: White Crinum
Pink Crinum
Salvia madrensis
Salvia "Argentine Skies"
Blk & Blue Salvia
Apple Mint
Purple Basil

Patrob: "Ice Follies" Daffodils
Torch Aloe
Dune Aloe
"Jesse's song" Irises
W. Texas Mist Flower

Ceejay: 1 - Shooting Star Lily
1 - Amarcrinum
Zephyranthes citrina (Yellow Rain Lilies)
1- Red Leaf Crinum (Asiaticum var.)

pbtxlady: Pink Bee Balm cutting
Blue-eyed Grass
Yellow Flag Iris
Toad Lilies

Silverfluter: Scutellaria longiflora
Pink honeysuckle

Trishann: Pink rain lilies

AuntAnne: Purple Flag Iris

Josephine: Mexican Plum, Penstemon tenuis, Oct Rose seeds,
Hop Tree seeds

AJNTEXAS: Scarlet MG seeds, Triandus thalia, Cast Iron Plant

KARLAE: Datura metel, Euphorbia trigona

Throneofyore - La. Iris

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Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

I'll put my list here. Thanks for the trade thread Kim.


red bud - Bookworm
rose cuttings - Charlene, Trishann
Cecile Brunner shrub cutting - Dollie
Granny Grimmits - Kim
daylilies (so far, just 4 of each) - CJ, 1 of each Trishann, Dollie
Tuscawilla Snowdrift x ?
Ann Blocker x Irish Hand
Lisa's Cabaret x ?
Snow Queen hibiscus cuttings - Charlenesplants
Spicy Jatropha cuttings - pbtx, Kim
sword fern - Sylvia, Trishann
brazilian plume - Kim, Linda, Cj, AJ, Patrob
4 rooted cuttings from last year, but I can root more
cactus orchid - Mitch (one each), Trishann (pink)
1 is species form that make a really good smelling white flower, the other makes a pink flower with no scent.
baby airplane plants
mauve colored tropical hibiscus, double flowers cuttings - Dollie
scutelleria longifolia cuttings - Willis, pbtx, Broncbuster, AJ
gold flame honeysuckle cuttings - Willis, Charlene, Kim
alamanda cuttings
night blooming jasmin cuttings
confederate jasmin cuttings

well I might have fall asters - Sylvia

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Goldthwaite, TX(Zone 8a)

My trade list :

Promised to

..AJ (AJinTexas)
......flame acanthus (2)

..Anne (auntanne)
......flame acanthus
......iris 'Jesse's Song'
......West Texas mist flower

......flame acanthus

......West Texas mist flower

..Charlene (charlenesplants)
......narcissus 'Ice Follies'
......flame acanthus
......coleus 'Batique Fetish'
......coleus 'Black Dragon'
......coleus 'Haines Heirloom'
......coleus 'Olympic Torch'

..CJ (ceejaytown)
......narcissus 'Ice Follies'

......iris 'Jesse's Song'
......liatris mucronata
......rose 'Georgetown Tea' cuttings

..Dollie (cannagirl)
......Salvia coccinea "Lady in Red' (hummingbird sage)
......Salvia "Indigo Spires'
......Salvia farinacea (mealy cup sage)
......Coleus 'Batique Fetish'
......C. Black Dragon
......C. Haines Heirloom
......ghost plant mint
......Sedum Moranense
......Mexican mint marigold

..Kim (blue_eyes)
......iris 'Jesse's Song' (2)
......narcissus 'Ice Follies'
......Mexican mint marigold
......flame acanthus

..Lee (WillisTXGarden)
......aloe arborescens
......aloe thraskii
......iris 'Jesse's Song' (2)
......narcissus 'Ice Follies'
......West Texas mist flower

..Linda (LindaTX8)
......narcissus 'Ice Follies'

...Mary Lee (silverfluter) mint

..Pattie (pbtxlady)
......flame acanthus

......torch aloe
......dune aloe mint
......perilla Magilla (beefstake plant)
......rose cuttings 'Georgetown Tea'
......Salvia 'Indigo Spires'
......Salvia farinacea (mealy cup sage)
......twist leaf yucca
......Mexican mint marigold

Receiving from

..AJ (AJinTexas)
......cast iron plants
......lysimachia cuttings

..Bob (throneofyord)
......Louisiana irises, mixture

......daylily 'So Lovely'

..Charlene (charlenesplants)
......Tropicanna Phaison
......alocasia cuculata spider lilies
......elephant ears

..CJ (ceejaytown)
......Lemon grass
......Mickey Mouse elephant ear
......Red-leaf Giant crinum
......Salvia 'Henry Duelberg'

......coral honeysuckle
......crinum 'Maiden's Blush'
......rain lilies "Prairie Sunset'

..Dollie (cannagirl)
......bouganvillea, purple
......tropical hibiscus
......fern variegated, NOID

..Josephine (frostweed)
......Carolina cherry laurel

..Kim (blue_eyes)
......Salvia madrensis
......Shrimp plants

..Lee (WillisTXGarden)
......Agastache 'Honey Bee'
......Butterfly Weed 'Silky Gold' (2)
......Butterfly Weed 'Silky Red' (2)
......Confederate rose starts (2)
......Salvia sinaloensis 'Bicolor'

..Lynne (LynneH)
......butterfly iris
......white shrimp plant ?

..Linda (LindaTX8)
......Clematis pitcheri (2)
......Mexican milkweed (2)

..Mary Lee (silverfluter)
......Brazilian plume cuttings

....Pattie (pbtxlady)
......toad lilies

.......yellow cannas
.......cast iron plant
.......oxalis- white
.......scarlet daylilies
.......yellow bulbine

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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Yes, I can do that. Everyone that puts the note in like Silver did above. " list here", I will do the link for. I will alter the second thread to hold the links.

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Wow, I'm just glad somebody knows how to use these machines.:)

Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

Frostweed, do you know when the FW ru will be?

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

We are planning one in April in Waxahachi, but the date is not set yet.
The one in Arlington will be in October.

NE Medina Co., TX(Zone 8a)

Hopefully the back of my pickup will have room for plenty of plants. Trade list to follow later.

Purple Leatherflower, Clematis pitcheri seedlings
(will probably have a dozen or more of these available)--for Josephine (2), Charlene (2), Kim, Patricia (Patrob) (2)
Mexican Milkweed, Asclepias curassavica--for Lee, pbtxlady and Charlene, Patricia (Patrob) (2), Lee (WillisTXGarden) (2)
Golden Groundsel, Packera obovata
Elderberry, Sambucus canadensis (1 only)
Italian Parsley
Cedar Sage, Salvia Roemeriana-- for Lee, Kim, Mary Lee (Silverfluter) *OUT*
Autumn Sage, Salvia greggi, white (2 only)
Red Dragon Persicaria, Persicaria microcephala (1 only)--Mary Lee (Silverfluter) *OUT*
Anacua Tree, Ehretia anacua (1 only) for Lee *OUT*
Scarlet Penstemon (1 only)--Josephine *OUT*
Showy Menodora, Menodora longiflora (1 only)
Texas Green-Eyes, Berlandiera betonicifolia (1 only)--Lee *OUT*
Blue-Eyed Grass, Sisyrinchium ensigerum (1 only)
Mountain Mint
Agarita, Berberis trifoliata (1 only)
Snakeherb, Dyschoriste linearis (1 only) for Lee *OUT*
White-Veined Dutchman's Pipevine, Aristolochia fimbriata (1 only)
Century Plant (1 only)
Oxeye Daisy, Chrysanthemum leucanthum
Escarpment Black Cherry, Prunus serotina var. eximia----Josephine (2), Lee (WillisTXGarden), Debbie (Debnes) *OUT*
White Mistflower, Eupatorium havanense (2)
Brazos Penstemon, Penstemon tenuis
Yellow Hibiscus seedlings, Abelmoschus manihot
Red Yuccas---Josephine, AJNTEXAS *OUT*

Wish List:
Spotted Bee Balm, Monarda punctata
Bouncing Bet
Dead Nettle
Lacey Oak
Texas Pistache
Standing Cypress
Kaffir Lime

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College Station, TX(Zone 8b)

Well, I just told dbf what you said about me being organized and he fell out on the floor laughing. I just had nothing to do one cold rainy weekend and assigned each page the name of each kind of seed that I had. Then when we went back to work, I only needed a couple of hours to finish up the semester and prepare for the upcoming chapter. So I printed off info from the plant files and hole punched them and filed behind each page. This way and can denote when I planted that particular seed, how long it took to germinate, how long it took me to kill it, lol what it looked like, where it might best be planted, or to whom I traded some of it with. This way I have info to share with whomever I trade.


The Woodlands, TX(Zone 9a)

AuntAnne - That is just awesome. But I don't think it's in me. Yet. Gonna add it to my favorites so I'll know what to do when I get the urge.

Save me a space, Sheila. I have absolutely no idea what I will have yet. What a neat idea - having them all linked at the top so we don't have to go searching. Thanks!!!

The Woodlands, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks all for changing the date!! Here is the current list.

Anthericum sanderii (Shooting Star Lily) - 1 - Gone to WillisTxGarden

Barleria cristata (Philippine Violet)

Brunfelsia australis (Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow) - 1 - gone to blue_eyes

Capsicum annuum ‘Black Pearl’ (Black Pearl pepper) - bookworm, pbtxlady, silverfluter

Chrysanthemum x rubellum ‘Clara Curtis’

Cleyera japonica (Full grown shrubs, about 3' high) - Sylvia

Crinodonna corsii ‘Fred Howard’ (Amarcrinum) - WillisTxGarden

Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon Grass) - patrob, silverfluter

Elettaria cardamom (Cardamom ginger) - pbtxlady, charlenesplants, Sylvia

Hedychium coronarium (Butterfly Ginger - white) - silverfluter, AuntAnne, Sylvia

Daylily (Hemerocallis fulva flora pleno) Triple orange with red halo - Charlene

Hibiscus coccineus alba ‘Lone Star’ (White Texas Star Hibiscus) - 1

Lilium philippinense (Philippine Lily) - pbtx, blue_eyes, WillisTxGarden, patrob, charlenesplants, silverfluter, DawninTx

Salvia farinacea ‘Henry Duelberg’ (Mealy Cup Sage) - patrob, pbtxlady, charlenesplants

Sedum mexicanum (Mexican Stonecrop)

Setcreasea pallida (Purple Heart, Wandering Jew)

Thunbergia battiscombei (Mercer Blue Thunbergia) -1 - Gone to Charlene

Zephyranthes citrina (Yellow rainlilies) - WillisTxGarden, blue_eyes, pbtxlady

Xanthosoma atrovirens ‘Albomarginatum Monstrosum’ (Mickey Mouse Elephant Ears) - blue_eyes, patrob, silverfluter

Crinum asiaticum var. procumbens (Red-leaf Giant Crinum) - blue_eyes, WillisTxGarden, patrob ( I need to check this one out to see if I have any more...) That's all.

I have a few more things, but I'll need to check their status when it warms up a bit...

Narcissus 'Ice Follies' - patrob
Dappled Apple Coleus, Alabama Sunset Coleus - pbtxlady
Daylily - Silverfluter
"Campernelle" Jonquil - WillisTxGarden
Passiflora incense - blue_eyes
lettuce - throneofyord

Mary Lee - Mickey Mouse Elephant Ears, butterfly ginger, lemongrass, P. lilies, Black Pearl peppers

patrob - Mickey Mouse Elephant Ears, Red-leaf Giant Crinum, Lemon Grass, Henry Duelberg Salvia, P. lilies

Kim - Mickey Mouse Elephant Ears, Red-leaf Giant Crinum, Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow, Yellow rainlilies, P. lilies

Charlene - Daylily, Mercer Blue Thunbergia, Katie's pink Ruellia, cardamom ginger, Salvia Henry Duelberg, P. lilies

pbtxlady - Henry Duelberg Salvia, Yellow rainlilies, black pearl, pineapple sage, cardamom ginger, P. lilies

Lee - Red-leaf Giant Crinum, Shooting Star Lily, Amarcrinum, Yellow rainlilies. P. lilies

bookworm - black pearl peppers

Sylvia - Cleyera japonica, both gingers

AuntAnne - butterfly ginger (lots)

DawninTx - P. lilies

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Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Pattie's plant list

Note: I will give all of these away. No trade necessary.

tropical hibiscus, small but growing (too late to root more now, but I can still bring cuttings)
-noid, apricot-colored with red eye
-noid, fire-engine red

Butterfly bush/buddleia davidii. Lighter blue than Dark Knight. (1 left)

Katie's Blue dwarf ruellia

Toad lilies (T. hirta)

pink ruellia 'Chi-chi'

echeverias/hens & chicks
- 'Morning Light' (large, silver, not hardy in Dallas)

Sedum varieties, probably but not necessarily UNROOTED
- acre (yellow/green groundcover)

begonias, rooted cuttings
- one with white flowers that's great for hanging baskets, hardy in Houston but not Dallas, dunno about in between
- double wax, green leaves, pale pink double flowers
- one tall (cane) with spotted leaves, resembles an angel-wing but much larger

- Alabama Sunset
- noid purple with green margin, probably Wizard Velvet Red

yellow flag iris, water plant

water hyssop/lemon bacopa

nepeta (catmint) 'Walker's Low'

salvia greggii, UNROOTED cuttings, 'Strawberry Sundae' ( bicolor red/white)

Echinacea purpurea

Unrooted cuttings, Lady in Red hydrangea

Unrooted cuttings, white Rose of Sharon

The usual houseplants: pothos ivy, philodendron, Swedish ivy

Promised list:
For Kim:
- apricot hibiscus cutting
- duncecap
- Morning Light echeveria
- sedum varieties
- begonias
- coneflowers
- catmint
- pink monarda

For Charlene:
- Alabama Sunset coleus
- perilla magilla
- pink Chi-chi ruellia
- six oleander cuttings
- pink yarrow for Sis

For Sheila:
- pink monarda

For Lee:
- yellow flag iris
- 3 blue-eyed grass
- pink monarda
- toad lilies

For Ceejay:
- Dappled Apple coleus
- Alabama Sunset coleus

For Sylvia (if I don't see you before then):
- tall blue ruellia
- vinca

For Mary Lee:
- duncecap echeveria
- Morning Light echeveria
- Velvet Red coleus
- salvia greggii Strawberry Sundae cuttings
- blue skullcap (note to self: find tag!)

For Deb_nes (did I spell that right?):
lemon bacopa

For Trishann:
1 buddleja davidii
sedum varieties
begonia varieties
salvia greggii 'Strawberry Sundae'
Lady in Red hydrangea cuttings
heart-leaf philodendron cuttings
swedish ivy cuttings

For Mitch (Mitch, are you coming to this?)
swedish ivy
red hibiscus
echeveria varieties

For Phyllis:
wisteria trimmings

For Dawn:
toad lilies

For Mamajack:
toad lilies

For AJ:
toad lilies

For Patricia:
toad lilies

From Lee: agastache, blue/white Salvia sinaloensis
From LindaTX8: Mexican milkweed
From Kim: daylilies, crinums, coleus, schoolhouse lilies
From CeeJay: yellow rain lilies, Henry Duelberg salvia
From Silverfluter: spicy jatropha, red/burgundy skullcap
From Mitch: Japanese ferns, columbines, Dr. Seuss brug cutting
From Dawn: rain lilies
From someone, can't remember who: Black Pearl

Wants: really anything, I like 'em all :)
any blue salvias. Josephine, any chance you will have an Argentine Sky by then?
lychnis, especially red (Maltese Cross)
daylilies--doing a new bed for my mom; she likes them all but especially pink
hollyhocks, foxgloves--all that old-fashioned cottagy stuff
heucheras, tiarellas, heucherellas
any other mostly shade plants that do well in Texas

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College Station, TX(Zone 8b)

Ceejay, I am absolutely organizationally challenged, but it was very simple to do. I'll show it to you at the round up.


The Woodlands, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks, AuntAnne!!

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Edited to say: I can't come on the 12th. Rats. I'm sure you all will have a great time! :-)

Here's a question for all of you who have gotten Mtn Laurel seedlings from me in the past... Did any of them make it? I can keep pulling them up and bringing them, since I need to pull them up anyway.. I was just curious to know how they do when transplanted.

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College Station, TX(Zone 8b)

Marylynn, I have some seeds but would really rather have seedlings. I'm going to follow some advice about how to plant but thinking it looks dicey.


Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I always have multiple pups in the garden, so bringing you some is no trouble. I'm just wondering if they actually transplant happily. I've never heard feedback from anyone I have brought them to. :-)

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

I have some transplants in pots, some survived, and some died, they are very finicky and they grow very slowly.

NE Medina Co., TX(Zone 8a)

The Texas Mountain Laurels in my yard all grew from seed, but I just planted a bunch of seed in the ground, then waited to see what came up, some did and grew over the years. I'm in TML country, but the people that lived here before me had the yard pretty much bare except for a motte of live oaks, one Texas Persimmon and two Ashe Juniper (one of them died later)...and a few kinds of grasses and forbs that were growing in spite of them and their dogs. Other than the yard, driveway, parking area, etc., most of the rest of my two acres was mostly undisturbed. I had already taken a mild interest in identifying wildflowers and other natives, but having this property spurred me to learn more. The wildflower book I had helped with some of the names, but it was when I took a wildflower course at the university here that I really started learning a LOT. Enquist's "Wildflowers of the Hill Country" became my favorite field guide, still is.

Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)


Cedar Elm Plenty left, these are tiny, email me if you want larger than sprouts. Trishann and Willis 8-12" (Lee)
Sweet gum Trishann
Eastern red cedar
Water oak Trishann
Mimosa newly sprouted seedlings (very tiny)

Brug plants small:
NOID yellow (1) AJintexas

Canna Lilies:
Tropicanna Phaison I have plenty left a few for Patrob 3 Willis (Lee) & Cannagirl Trishann

Alocasia cuculata (2 left)1 to Ceejaytown & Patrob ( two if you have them)1 to Silverfluter & Trushann, & Cannagirl& ajintexas
Shrimp plant (Gone to Lindatx8)
Aloe Vera Trishann
Spider lilies red will dig if requested patrob
monarda 'Marshall's Delight' (Gone to blue_eyes)

Manure Tea 5 of the one gallon jugs 4 left (1 to Lindatx8)

Fresh yard eggs: 2 for Blue_eyes and 1 for Bookworm Bob gets mixed standards hatching eggs

Newly added:
Elephant ear plants 3 Trishann & Patrob
Xanadau 1
syngonium nephytis varigated 1 trishann
syngonium nephytis green ` trishann

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Linda, may I have some of the Clematis pitcheri, please?

Seguin, TX(Zone 8b)

Trade list to be posted here....


hibiscus acetosella cuttings-rooted-Trishann, AJNTEXAS, cannagirl
brug cuttings-rooted (mostly pink favorite) - AJNTEXAS, KARLAE
GONE - coleus cuttings-rooted-pbtxlady, Trishann
GONE - pink crinum bulbs-pbtxlady, charlenesplants, WillisTxGarden, cannagirl
white crinum bulbs-WillisTxGarden, cannagirl
my mom has schoolhouse lilies....I think she will probably dig some of these to bring, they are red and very pretty, bloom in the fall-pbtxlady, silverfluter, cannagirl
apple mint-lots!-LindaTx8, Trishann, AuntAnne, WillisTxGarden, cannagirl
passiflora incarnata-Trishann, AJNTEXAS, cannagirl
passiflora lady lavender-Trishann, AJNTEXAS, AuntAnne, cannagirl
GONE unless I can find more offsets - passiflora incense - ceejaytown, Trishann, AJNTEXAS
coral nymph salvia -Trishann, cannagirl
GONE-salvia madrensis-some pups I dug up before the winter-WillisTxGarden, patrob, Trishann
GONE - shrimp plants-rooted cuttings, various colors-patrob, Trishann
castor bean seedlings-charlenesplants
purple obedient plant pups-AJNTEXAS
zebrina hollyhock volunteers-charlenesplants, patrob
tall red turk's cap-3 rooted cuttings
rose cuttings
cannas-orange spotted, orange, red
purple duranta rooted cuttings-a couple
white TX star hibiscus seedlings-KARLAE
lemon manihot hibiscus seedlings-AJNTEXAS, cannagirl
borage seedlings - cannagirl
purple basil seedlings-WillisTxGarden
thunbergia alata seedlings, mixed colors-AJNTEXAS
various morning glory and moonflower seedlings
blue salvia offsets-charlenesplants, patrob, LindaTX8, Trishann, pbtxlady, WillisTXGarden
hoya cuttings-KARLAE, cannagirl
tomato plants (extras I grew from seed, heat tolerant varieties)
clara curtis mum-several pots


plants with the names Jean or Twila in them
plants with Grandmother in the name
butterfly host and nectar plants
bee balm
veggies that do well in the heat


passiflora lutea, silky red mw, silky gold mw, blue agastache, japanese plum, prairie nymphs, King Alfred narcissus, mexican honeysuckle-WillisTxGarden
monarda 'Marshall's Delight'-charlenesplants
hibiscus apricot w/red eye, hen & chicks, sedums, begonias, pink monarda,coleus-pbtxlady
clematis, cedar sage-LindaTx8
brazilian plume, rose cuttings, spicy jatropha, pink honeysuckle-silverfluter
rabbit's foot fern-KARLAE
cupheas, angelonia, dwarf coreopsis-AJNTEXAS
mexican mint marigold, flame acanthus-patrob
irises, lettuce-throneofyord
Mickey Mouse Elephant Ears, Red-leaf Giant Crinum, Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow, Yellow rainlilies, P. lilies-ceejaytown

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Kyle, TX(Zone 8b)

I will bring monkey grass and TX mountain laurel seedlings.

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

Kim, do you need more bee balm? I can try again with the pink and red. As of yesterday, they were both still green.

Seguin, TX(Zone 8b)

If you have some more that would be great. I have the others overwintering in the greenhouse but I am not sure about them. The pink one doesn't look real good, but perhaps it will perk up.

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

Shitzumom has offered to send me some black hollyhock seeds and cleome seeds if anybody's interested. I don't know exactly what varieties they are though.

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

I don't think I will have too much growing by march 15th, but i can do seeds, I will be posting a list.

Garland, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm also concerned about not having much by March 15. I have a few things I started in the late fall, but not much.

Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

I have many started, but they are all dormant.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Linda, I'd love a Mexican Milkweed (Asclepias curassavica)
and a Cedar Sage (Salvia roemeriana) if still available

pbtxlady- Pattie, I'd like some of the Yellow Flag Iris & some Blue-Eyed Grass if you've enough

Ceejay, may I have some yellow Rainlilies, please?

Josephine, might you still have a Mexican Plum seedling available?

Many thanks to y'all! Lee

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Josephine, Arlington, TX(Zone 8a)

Lee, I don't know right now, but I will look, and if not I will see what I can do.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks Jo,...even a seed or 2 would be great!

Buffalo, TX(Zone 8b)

Pattie's I would love to have some of your coleus - Alabama Sunset, rose, 1 rooted but tiny Joseph's Coat and Ragin' Cajun ruellia. I will post my trades for you soon.
Thank you,

Seguin, TX(Zone 8b)

pbtxlady....I would love the hibiscus apricot with red eye, some begonias, and any sedums & hen and chicks.

I should have more on my list soon


Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

AuntAnne - may I have some jacaranda and feverfew seeds? Thanks!

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