Have an old wheelbarrow, what to plant

Gilmer, TX(Zone 8a)

I have an old rusted out wheelbarrow and would like to use it this year as a "flower pot"
Can anyone tell me what would be pretty. I would like something to kind of fall over the sides and something in the middle. Any ideas.

I also have one of the old bathtub with legs. Last year I used it as a "seed starter, so I would put seeds there and then take them out and put the flower where I wanted them. What a waste of a good bathtub. Help with that would be nice too

Talk to member ecrane3. She has great ideas when it comes to gardening like that.

The key thing is tying it in with rest of the landscape either with plant material or placement.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

My best suggestion here would be to check out the container gardening forum--I know several people have posted things that they did with unconventional planters like these. The other thing I can add is make sure you drill some holes in the bottom for drainage (that might be hard for the bathtub, so for it maybe you could consider turning it into a pond, or else a bog garden, that way it doesn't matter if you have drainage). I'll try to think about some plant ideas and post back later.

Gilmer, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi Ecrane, The wheel barrow has holes in it, because the top is all I have and the legs are gone, so where they were are holes

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi Lorraine, I did a similar thing a few years ago and laid some rubbish stones in the bottom, egg, apple and large orange size as bottoming and to save the amount of compost used to fill these large containers, Starting at the center, I planted a standard Fuchsia with a good cane for support, then around this I planted Bedding Geraniums, bedding fuchsias, hanging/trailing of both the geraniums/Fuschias and in between added some trailing Ivys/variegated for contrast, I latterly packed in as many flowering plants as I could, and by May/June, it was a riot of colours in between you could grow some grey foliage bedding plants just to add some interest with the flowers, I like to grow my containers in coordinating colours like different shades of pinks with lavender tones, deep purples with mauve's or for a real riot of colour, Bright Reds with Purples, at the moment I have an old toilet bowl sitting ready to be added to the collection of large unusual containers, I also fancy making an old fashioned scare crow to have lounging beside the container just for the sheer fun of it, but then I dont have any neighbours to tut, tut, at my latest quirk of garden funnies, My grand-kids also get to pluck smiley faces on the tall Sun flowers, they do this using tweezers and they always bring a smile to faces as they drive up to the house. you could also add polythene sheeting to the bottom of your containers and add plants that grow in water or very moist soil, but add some charcoal to the bottom as this stops the soil turning sour and smelly. Good Luck. WeeNel.

Gilmer, TX(Zone 8a)

Gosh, you will be busy and I loved your idea. I think I will put rocks in bottom for drainage, don't need that much soil anyway.
I could do that in the bathtub too. I busted up some old concrete steps so I have plenty of rocks!!!! Maybe just leave about 12
i nches of soil?

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